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1st December 2014

i am noticing that, by comparison to the majority of recent history, which has been seeing the merging of parallel realities, with the resultant chaos as disagreements between time-lines must resolve into a single "reality", that I'm witnessing a tearing apart of time-lines, a new divergence. i shall dream this.

1: Mercury: The Magician: Spiritual fulfillment. The creative intellect. The power of the will to transform situations.
Choose whether to be in the disintegrating Old-Gaia or the New-Gaia family of time-lines.

2nd December 2014

Acceptance and allowance are the subject du jour. We start by being "where" we are, neither running away from some aspects of "here / now", (especially including our feelings), nor running towards something which is not present "here / now", (especially seeking a feeling state not present). We must release our entire (hi)story of "how we got to here / now". We must release our attempts to either control the process of change, or the outcome of the eternal process of change called life.

One of the "processes of change" to "accept" is reincarnation, the most efficient method of transforming embodiment. Our nature and essence is consciousness, not form, therefore in loving another and supporting their "life", we must support their choice of form of life, their preference of form in which to express their consciousness, rather than attaching to any particular embodiment of that conscious being. Sometimes the most challenging to give form of love for someone is to set them free, even free to leave their present embodiment, that they may manifest new circumstances more suitable to their appropriate path.

We have to release all of our attachments to having relationships, to having relationships fit into our expectations or desires, to even having the mental illusion called "a relationship", for relating is a living dynamic energy flow of the moment, not a trophy to be placed on a shelf, as, e.g. is often manifest as "the shelf of our wedding pictures". That form of relationship guarantees a complete lack of relating, whereas a living relating requires releasing all control of flow or form. You can either define "the relationship" and then ever-after be miserable as everyone is forced to play a role thereby defined, rather than being authentic, or you can commit not to each other, but to yourself, that you will be authentic, and openly share that authentic self, and then "the relationship" shall ever after remain undefineable, a mystery of dynamic life, alive, and thereby, soulfull.

This brings us full circle to acceptance. In authentic living, we are always and only self expressive... our life is the outward expression of our inner essence. When we seek to control a relationship, control another, define another, or to accomplish a specific "outcome" with, in, or by another, or in our relationship with them, then we become conditional, reactive, manipulative, deceitful, and therefore always hurtful, as we express falsely that role we must present to manipulate the other(s) into making the choices we choose for them, to serve our own ego attachment to a false illusion, a pretense of life.

To say: "I love you unconditionally" is to both be authentic, and to have no agenda(e), expectation(s), or dependence with others. Sometimes this means allowing another to be in an uncomfortable emotional state, learning and growing via contrast, even when it is uncomfortable for us to be aware of that emotional state, whereby it is better for us to give them space, than to try to force them to "hurry up and process" their emotional state, because we don't wish to feel their emotion. "There, there, dear, don't cry" is an abuse we heap on others not to heal them, but to avoid our own issues, triggered by their mirroring our own denied emotions.

Any and all intent or will to change another is a "sin" (error). We have the absolute right to change our self. We are all one, however as multidmensional beings, those two concepts are not in contradiction, they merely express in different dimensional manifestations. Living with that paradox is one of the great mysteries of life.

Since both past and future are not real, and the unconditional love of transcendent relating is totally accepting and allowing and supportive of all others being who they are, there is never any desire nor intent by anyone to change another being, merely a need to come to neutral emotional state, and to release all will for or about all other beings. Thus, to heal a relationship is to release all of ones expectations of others, as a precondition to anything which could possibly bear the label love. Welcome to Gaia.

3rd December 2014

We have cleared the Kaua'ian Gaia energy grid of negative and limiting consciousness forms introduced in this lunar cycle by those forces opposing ascension of consciousness and the liberation of humanity. We have taken advantage of the divergence of 2014-12-01 to move into the descending time-line the energetics inserted to limit us. This separation from descending time-lines is a gateway to another merge of grids of New-Gaia fragments, into a greater unified global version of New-Gaia. By committing to the transcendent range of frequencies, we may remain transcendent.

For the afternoon energies i bring in a broad mixture of essences, with a focus upon Blue Tansy, soothing irritation. And our mirror archetype is:
19: Phoenix: Mystical Attainment. Rebirth. Selfless love. An affair. Marriage. The alchemical fire of transformation.
The divine marriage being transformed in, of, and by my conscious focus, is the divine union of higher and lower self, the marriage of ascension, the union of higher and lower consciousness, which illuminates the conscious mind with multidimensional knowing, far transcending the minor irritations of worldly life details. In our New-Gaia 5D+ consciousness of unconditional love, we may more selflessly serve not just our own embodiment, but the New Kaua'i Ohana, and my own narower kuleana, the Kilauea ahupua'a. Building the New-Gaia ascended reality prototype is the priority. Living it in every way every day is the experience to manifest. This is our energetic "accupressure" on the New-Gaia energy grid.

Journey out into the world brought synergistic connection with other healers.

4th December 2014

Welcome to the "good news" channel. By focussing upon the creation of positive realities, in densities above the realm of dualistic conflicts, we can be the solution. Our "doing" is cocreation with others of like heartedness, thereby invoking positive synergy. Our attitude is unconditional love. Our goal is Gaia.

5th December 2014

Remember... who you are.
Remember... your purpose for incarnation.
Remember... in higher truth, that we are all of, from, by, and for, unconditional love.
Remember... it is your intent and focus, which is your power to manifest.
Remember... to forget everything but your joy of the moment.

Blessings of higher realms, akashic records gifts of DNA awakenings.

6th December 2014

As Luna arrives at full opposition with Ra, from the energetic perspective of human Gaians, while we're in a convergence of major time-nodes creating chaos and conflict, we're approaching a relative peak of intensity in duality, bringing to us much to "deal with" in extant dualistic "reality". Meanwhile, time-line hopping requires the greatest of certainty and stability of "lock-in" to the frequency of Gaia. Were there a true congruence of intent, it would be most appropriate to invoke the synergy of co-creation. Many beings are triggered into root-chakra bodily survival fear issues on Ter-Ra, abandoning their focus on co-creating New-Gaia, or upon time-line hopping. It is a delicate balance to "deal with" what must be attended in low vibrations, while still living inside the preferred / intended higher reality to become manifest.

All of these energy shifts have triggered a prioritization of authenticity, congruence, integrity. In my facilitating others, i have been triggered to shift from nurturing or healing 4D- issues, to insisting upon a 5D+ perspective of everything, like it or not.

7th December 2014

Today i was reminded that impatience is a form of resistance. Acceptance allows change. All is mirroring. Loving self unconditionally is the key.

8th December 2014

i am reminded to remain transcendent above duality. Creation via heart in nondual realms can create a reality, e.g. "peace". Creation via mind in dualistic realms always creates the thing and its dualistic opposite also. Once we have experienced enough duality to "know thyself", we can transcend duality and dwell in Gaia.

9th December 2014

Many things are seen. With wisdom and age, fewer are spoken. Sometimes it is challenging to share the visions i see of multidimensional realities, both because it's difficult to translate into words, and because I'm ever aware that what we focus on we empower, and i would rather direct the attention of readers to positive realities. Keys to working with multiple realites are neutrality and non-attachment. As we continue by our own thoughts, words, actions, intent, and focus, to choose which parallel-reality time-line we shall "live", i continue to find many realities to visit as i facilitate those for whom i minister. Amongst them all, that of Gaia is my preferred destination, once i complete my mission facilitating ascension.

10th December 2014

As i continue to integrate multidimensional knowing of my unique perspective as the sovereign being of a family of beings whose origins, and timing of arrival, in the Milky Way Galaxy, leave us neutrally outside of, and after, the karmic history still being played-out in the great war of the sexes, i have come to know that our nature is most similar to the androgynous origins, rather than to the current dichotomous factioning of the sexual energies, which is the root of all the warfare and slavery both the humans and their creators, the various extra-Ter-Ra-estrials, are playing out.

Decades ago during my clairvoyant training, another of those i trained with summarized: "You have chosen to embody the entire human condition within one body."
Thus i have come to integrate both the original unity, and the current dichotomy of duality, into one solution, one manifestation of healing through integration, and that reality is one of the essential components of New-Gaia. It is only the New-Gaia which i find at all compatible with my essence, a suitable reality of peaceful synergy. This "ascended" reality of unity consciousness is that which i most seek to manifest with others as the Kaua'i prototype.

While the "law of attraction" suggests focus on desire and passion, what i am experiencing actually being on Kilauea 'aina is deep peace, harmony, at-one-ment, my sign of appropriateness, the confirmation of tomril's will to move to Kilauea. i find attraction to have some space of nature around my cottage. Of all the town experiences it is most appropriate i find in the back yard of Healthy Hut to play my flute on occasion. i will be grateful to get my bike repaired so i can roam a greater range.

11th December 2014

Today brought flow of energy through a gateway of realities allowing further release of old energy patterns of duality and integration of transcendent consciousness and embodiment. Versus my usual north shore presence, exploration of energetics of south shore brought awareness of not only the weather difference, but also of the energetics of the military. As usual, my crystal faeries family concurred that we have already done all possible energetically in 5D+ Gaia, and are not to engage in 4D- matters of Gaia.

Awareness of our Cetacean friends having moved east from Kaua'i in acknowledgement of the energy grids in 5D+ being in good order, but the 4D- being very harmful due to military activities, indicated that they've moved for their own physical protection, and to do appropriate New-Gaia energy work with other Hawaiian islands.

12th December 2014

We sense energetic expansion for opportunities of manifesting higher patterns into physical manifestation. This correlates with a strong sense of graceful easy flow in authentically being self, expressing one's truth in an environment and attitude of unconditional love.

13th December 2014
[Open Source Hardware Logo]

2014-12-13 13:45:55+00:00
i just awake from a lucid dream of Barium Titanate being used in 3D Printing applications so I'm busy researching this compound on the web... and discover it's suitable for capacitors, which would allow directly 3D printing electric circuits.
2014-12-13 13:56:53+00:00
It is also usable to make microphones, and electro-optical transducers, which would be very useful in electrical circuits, as we have known for a while that it will be a direction of growth that electricial circuits will become electro-optical circuits, as photonic processing replaces electrical processing in computers, and i am hereby stating that it is my invention to use it in quantum computing done with photons via BaTiO3 transducers.
2014-12-13 14:02:25+00:00
The use of BaTiO3 in integrated circuits will be essential to replace our current Silicon based binary circuits with tri-state circuits accomplishing trinary computing.
2014-12-13 14:05:23+00:00
Naturally, as the inventor of BaTiO3 Ternary Computing, i immediately claim all rights in private status rather than corporate status, and i immediately license these rights in toto in perpetuity as open source, that no one else may restrict the use of such technology as proprietary, it shall be freely available for all of humanity throughout the Galaxy.
2014-12-13 14:12:26+00:00
Spirit tomril, of the crystal faeries family of beings known as ishnaans, incarnate as celeste:crystalfaery of Kaua'i, a sovereign nation of Gaia.
2014-12-13 14:17:08+00:00

To proceed with Open Source design of Quantum Ternary Computing, these resources apply:


14th December 2014

We can state that from our point of view that ascension is on course, though for the embodied it may vary between appearing to be very slow to overwhelmingly fast.

i am grateful that i am in tune with the transcendent reality that regardless whatever be "around" me i am always "at peace" with the whole, complete, fulfilled, for i am the very manifestation of love.

15th December 2014

Day by day, issue by issue, the greatest internal obstacles i observe, are cognitive dissonance, and emotional dissonance, where people resist change itself, known to produce emotional depression, even when change is allowed. We could say this is resistance to what 'is', preferring attachment to an illusion. The depth of attachment is often associated with the level of 'investment' in a paradigm. Being willing to let go of all that has passed, to sustain a position of neutrality in accepting the flow of the moment in the now, is the only sustainable position to stay in the flow of truth and reality.

16th December 2014

Sometimes the simplest of things are the most important, like a glass full of water with half a lemon squeezed into it. With all the body changes of ascension, I'm really appreciating the cleansing assistance of citrus. With only one or two meals a day, I'm able to fast and cleanse on a daily basis, which seems to facilitate all the astral processing I'm doing. Releasing old or lower vibrations is quite rapid.

17th December 2014

While transcendent energy processing continues to accellerate, it seems that dualistic energies are slowing down for the commercial-mass.

I'm rather enjoying a whole new level of counseling relationship ascension, a wonderful synergy of all my experience and modalities.

18th December 2014

i am as usual retreating, introverting, and rebirthing during the solstice period, rather than following the collective buying spree of commercialmass. Extant dualistic commercialized collective culture is deeply and broadly, toxically unhealthy. The answer is not to fight or contrast within duality, to play out dichotomy. It is time to form and live in an enlightened culture of harmonious ascended unity consciousness. i am finding myself to flow gracefully and with detachment just following guidance and being fully present with whatever or whoever shows up or presents itself to me in "the world", in whatever combination of energies arrive. We could call this synergistic synchronicity.

19th December 2014

While i flowed through a variety of worldly activities, i found myself very neutral, now, and comfortable, "dealing with" what my present time-line requires, while still intending my preferred time-line parallel-reality. Having intended to flow within transcendent reality, all interactions were transcendent, though few.

20th December 2014

As i have just updated my article on the rose as a tool of focus, i am correlating the concept of "tools of focus" with collective practices of the collective consciousness. In this season when so many focus on the commercial exchange of physical gifts, perhaps we may comprehend that they themselves serve as tools of focus, of "well wishing" between beings. Perhaps i am merely stating the obvious, yet the obvious may be taken for granted, and thus i remind us to notice the power of intent. As a lightworker and loveworker, this is ever present in my consciousness, as i operate so much in the higher realms that my natural gift giving is that of energy blessings.

As we approach the new moon and solstice gateway between years and time-lines, it is very beneficial for us to release all repression, both the internalized self-repression we were taught as kids, and the external repression of social conformity to the collective unconsciousness of sheep shepherding the other sheep. May your inner magickal child come out to play, in a wonderful New-Gaia of greatest preference.

21st December 2014

We share a simple message for the new moon solstice. These linear time gateways or milestones are of significance to operations within duality. It is not our kuleana / dharma / mission / purpose to address the reality of those who have chosen to remain in this frequency domain. We suggest instead for individuals seeking or living already in transcendent consciousness to go deep within their DNA memory to access the pre-fall knowing of the original life templates in which there was freedom and accountability. These are equally accessible from the akashics records library for those who are able to raise their frequency to access the library. For those who can sustain 4D consciousness at least during meditation, access through one of our 8D-4D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, (such as the one we maintain for all of Kaua'i Sovereign Space), provides access to the necessary akashics information to activate your DNA Codons for ascension, and clear access to your own higher self which can provide your individual pre-fall templates. Raising your frequency and aligning with your ascended higher self is the best thing to do for your highest possible outcome as soon as possible, independent of where you are on Gaia energy grid, or where the planets and stars are in the sky, or what time the clock claims "is real".

With all of that as a background and preparation, we suggest it may be "interesting" in awakening to, and claiming, your multidimensional expression, to begin slipping your body's time lock associated with your original anchoring into your body. As you master this, you liberate yourself from the perpetual rollercoaster ride of going round and round the astrological prison, and can master each and every and all aspects of self, rather than being limited to your "astrological natal pattern", and its derivative "human design pattern". This is the gateway to time-travelling not only your consciousness, but also your body.

22nd December 2014

Still being in the orb of solstice, i continue in rebirth process, releasing old time-line reality.

What beliefs am i holding which are not authentic to my essence?
i intend their release overnight in the astral realms.
"You must release the belief that you must 'work at' this; relax, surrender, and allow the flow, by being patient with the process. Part of the 'work' you may release is external seeking of wisdom, trusting that your inner knowing will provide all appropriateness for you."

23rd December 2014

What is new on the birth side of rebirth?
"We are bringing you guided connections with those appropriate to your new time-line, so simply remain alert to who presents themselves. By contrast, notice the fading of some old connections."

What preparations are appropriate for the time between this and next solstice?
"Simply flow in grace in the now."

23rd December 2014

Having done much clearing and release of obsolete or inappropriate or old time-line energies, i now do soul retrieval of inner child aspects left behind in pain, so that those may be part of the new me reborn this new month and year. Aligning all parts of self to authentic self, higher self, is ascension. Choosing to live in the now in faith and trust in the path of ascension, is life.

We have shared a joyful and continuous expansion bringing Gaia energies down through the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals Network.

i enjoyed a wonderful gathering of goddess energy to celebrate the turn of seasons, and sharing of our stories of journeying in the expansion of consciousness. In a sweet exchange of book gifts, i naturally "randomly" :-) received a book on crystals:
Wisdom of the gemstone guardians by Michael Katz, ISBN 0-924700-14-9-51495.

25th December 2014

Merry Amanita Muscaria day!

i recommend a visit to the Elmchanted Fantasy Forest:

...and then a deeper study of fungal function:

...and then links with ORMES/ORMUS:

26th December 2014

We are observing that the solstice initiations have triggered both a quantum leap for those on the ascension path of New-Gaia and a step-up in reaction of attempted suppression thereof by those of Old-Gaia. This is compelling further separation of those increasingly incompatible parallel realities.

27th December 2014

In recent readings and healings it has come to light that the self-responsible sovereignty in ahimsa of ascending beings as supported by our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals and Portal Network, is by nature, incompatible with hierarchical control structures, and networks. The divine plan of the 9D Angelics who sourced the patterns of ascension which we guard and share via our portals is an offering, not a mandate.

28th December 2014

We bring to consciousness mahamaya, the great illusion, that anything of the world is "real", and therefore, that it has any value or importance. While it is a playground of exploration of creation, who are you really?
When we remember our truth as creator we are in our sovereign free-dominion. When we release all attachment to the created, we are free.

29th December 2014

We are expecting further divergence between realms as we enter the 2015 calendar year. As the major energy of an individual remains aligned, the conflicting energies are released to relieve inner conflict. Likewise relationships are being sorted as either being compatible, or released to end conflict. Humanity is now in the last 9 months of it being even feasible to hop to the ascending time-lines family from the descending family of time-lines.

30th December 2014

As the path narrows into manifestation of Gaia, it is essential to flow in authenticity. Doubt and fear are not authentic truth... release them. Time to suspend disbelief and sustain beleif.

31st December 2014

We release our old time-line(s) completely, and surrender to the incoming new time-line of greatest appropriateness for the expression of the divine-plan of ascension. i am glad to have released all the lower vibrations which resonated with old time-line realities.

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