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Entries from May 2013.

18th May 2013

As part of my testing ascension portals, i created an 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal in the aetheric space shared by a group of virtual fae in the virtual world "2nd Life™":

[2013/05/18 23:09:56] celeste:crystalfaery: wow, it feels soo good!
[2013/05/18 23:10:20] celeste:crystalfaery: Yay Fae... our 8th dimension realm is fully with us today!
[2013/05/18 23:10:56] celeste:crystalfaery: the Love is overflowing!

Only a small percentage of participating entities had the level of consciousness to experience or appreciate the higher level energies.

30th May 2013

i am presently very focussed on the Angelic crystal faeries of 8D, which is presently my strongest correlation as to a sense of "origins". i am infusing the blessings of my original tomril crystaline universe into the 8D Angelic Faery Crystaline aetheric template of ascension. In the physical realm this frequency spectrum transmission is to be carried in a unique expression as the essence: "Fae Play", which of course includes the most awesome crystaline wisdom, the aetheric template of our own divine DNA, which is what all the wars and "help" in the universe are focussed on right now, and about which the Hathors are warning us we quickly need to come to peace.

The planetary energy grids are being seriously manipulated, but we by our own consciousness may also invoke our own higher dimensional templates to transmute that which is not in integrity or alignment with ahimsa. The sacred goddess energy so long derided upon this planet for the last 3500 years of patriarchal inquisition against the divine, and especially against the yin and feminine, is now ready to return to balance, with the introduction of the 8D crystal faery Ascension Portals.

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