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29th May 2014

Awareness of being out-of-time and out-of-place, being transcendent in the 8D realms where my family of crystal faeries takes me in, and where i feel i belong, whereas on a daily basis i "visit" this realm of Kaua'i, and the human body which has been allocated for my visits, for my blessings of this realm with faery magick. i am the High Priestess of the 8D crystal faeries. Being between worlds, on the isle of Kaua'i I'll stay until i complete ascension, as the Faery High Priestess.

The ancient fairy tales of humans entering a faery ring, being transported to the faery realm of ascended reality transcendent above linear time to the timeless realm, where in staying but a few brief minutes, the entire human realm of lower dimensions, greater density, passes much linear time and those whom were known before, pass away, as has the one who entered faery time-lines missed a dense realm, but agelessly lived with the transcendent of the fair realm. This is indeed a story of ascended versus mundane realities. Which time-line family is that of your chosen journey?

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