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Entries from March 2015.

1st March 2015

Today began as often with counseling, and as is so often my specialty, with guiding a goddess into claiming and living her authentic life as goddess incarnate, still, sadly, such a challenge, in the dualistic realms of patriarchal dominance.

Indeed theme du jour... yet another goddess faces the feminine gender programming to be pleasing, overcomes the choice to sacrifice authentic self in the process, and embraces the necessity of commitment to being true to her own soul, over pleasing, apeasing, or caretaking others. To be effective at helping others, we all must first embrace helping ourselves, for it is only when we are overflowing with self love and abundant manifestation that we have excess to share with others, rather than driving ourself into sacrifice or suffering, by giving away too much, by being inappropriate for self as an expression of validating others, of expressing our love for them, by being their mirror, their validation.

Goddess awakening, goddess thriving, is the necessary balancing energy for Gaia-Sophia, bringing our precious planet again into balance, raising vibrations to higher realms, ascending consciousness to the divine. Why is it necessary that now is time for the goddess incarnate to lead the way? It is the female body which carries the baby-making equipment, the great womb of nurturing new life, which operates at a higher frequency than any other part of the female body, and higher than any part of the male body, so given that we have passed through a gateway of energy activation, where a majority of the new souls coming to incarnate for Gaia, require to nurture their own souls into a body, a mother whose womb vibrates at high enough frequency to hostess them, many women are now called to really "step up" to their true divine essence and reality, regardless what ever has, or now does, exist as present manifestation.

2nd March 2015
[the Enchantment of the Fairies]

There are multiple awarenesses related with multidimensional consciousness. i can share my highest consciousness of a realm of peaceful unity in unconditional love, and hold the vibrations as a blessing to lower realms. Walking in "the world" brings blessed mirroring of higher truths, yet also brings awareness of others who have forgotten their divine essence, or "bought into" beliefs in limitation. As i begin my day i question how i may best serve the collective good of all, in my primary role of spiritual messenger? My answers often come in the form of synchronistic awareness, as any frequency / vibration / consciousness attracts by resonance other mirrors thereof. This morning i have been making connections and correlations, with a sentence i was triggered by yesterday.

First, i interpret this in the secular world:
"To a fairy, a Christening was a sad occasion. The conferral of a mortal name severed a human's inborn ties with the other world."
-- page 122, The Enchanted World - Fairies and Elves by the Editors of Time-Life Books

Then, we look at an interpretation in the spiritual world:
"To a fairy, a Christening was a sad occasion. The conferral of a mortal name severed a human's inborn ties with the other world."
-- page 122, The Enchanted World - Fairies and Elves by the Editors of Time-Life Books

3rd March 2015

We are feeling convergence of energy patterns into an initiation or quantum leap as we resolve conflicting energies from a time-node we have been passing through.

4th March 2015

While we might otherwise feel the opposition of yin and yang of today's full moon, the peace and calm of resolving the contradictions in the time-node we've completed, is feeling even stronger, and thus, our sense is most strongly one of calm balance.

5th March 2015

Today's energies seem to be very slow moving... and synchroncities of messages converged today: Pele Report and Take the Leash Off

6th March 2015

One of the advantages of having lived "on call" since 1991, is that when something is happening on the planet, i hear about it via phone calls for help. The theme with this recent full moon is one of yin-yang conflict, (as usual for a full moon), but with much deeper issues underneath the surface.

For whatever truth and / or accuracy is to be found in the book, an alleged divinely inspired message is approximately: "If you love your brother you have fulfilled the law.", and you cannot possibly be loving anyone you're trying to change.

Looked at the other way around, love is the only thing which cannot be changed :-)

7th March 2015

Continued waves of energy from galactic center are triggering many activations, and consequent releases, both a blessing and a challenging "letting go", well supported by forgiveness, and release of expectations.

8th March 2015

Mirror, mirror, of "reality", who's the fairiest of them all?

The negative ego tells us: "Anyone but you."

The superior ego tells us: "You are."

There is only one of us "here", each one of us alone in their own virtual reality, making mock-ups of others, to represent the others, but slightly different, and then scripted by us to play the roles, we need them to play for us, in order to learn about ourselves, by exploring our preferences, as we experience contrast.

The three big beliefs we accumulate from childhood are:
I'm not {deserving,lovable,good_enough}. Then we spend most of our lives playing out those in relationships. That is the negative ego reality. Maybe, along the way, we learn to beleive that
i am {deserving,lovable,good_enough}. Then we spend the rest of our life playing out those in relationships. We may make that a superior ego reality. Welcome to the patriarchal illuminati cabal. Or, we may make it beyond ego to authentic spirituality, where we are neither less than nor more than others. Others? they're just the illusions we created to learn from. Unless, of course, you subscribe to Buddhism, then: Me? I'm just an illusion my ego created, only the one is real.

OK, faery girl, where are you leading with all this? To ascension, of course. Beyond negative or superior ego, or their manifestations of sacrificial servitude as one of the oppressed commoners, or their manifestations of superior ruling class as one of the oppressors of the commoners, to the oneness consciousness of spirit existing in unconditional love as reality.

As we have been experiencing the solar-lunar opposition of yang vs yin energies, relationships have been erupting out of harmony and loving cocreation, to opposition and separation, as I've been recently counseling and blogging. This happens of course, both between "individuals" in their relationships with each other, and internally between our own inner yang and yin, or our animus and anima.

OK, faery girl, where are you leading with all this? The extant patriarchy is failing... globally. From the boardroom through the boredroom to the bedroom. It isn't working for men or for women, and certainly not for the androgynous. Therefore, with strong triggerings, as we are soon approaching astrologically or astroillogically, there will be great disruption of what was, producing chaos, which is an opportunity, out of which we have to make choices.

The illumanity's: "Ordo ab chao" translates as "order out of chaos", a game they're used to ruling, by producing the chaos via global war, and giving us the order they wish us to choose to have, a fear based dependence upon "the gods" to "solve our problems for us", i.e. a bigger government and more totalitarian surveillance and control. The alternative correlated with ascension, is that the order we each take self responsiblity to choose and create, is quite simply the alignment of our conscious self, with our own higher self, in fact their integration, which we've been calling "ascension of consciousness to the higher self level", but which is equally the "descension of higher self consciousness fully into a body". This could also be spoken of as "piercing the veil", achieving "enlightenment", which is fully embodying the light of spirit, a process greatly facilitated by the harmonic convergence (and the harmonica virgins :-) of our "lower" (frequency) "physical" reality up to the realms previously known separately as the astral realms.

OK, faery girl, where are you leading with all this? Well, I'm witnessing a lot of relationships on the verge of destruction, divorce, death. They are the local obvious version of both the internal changes within the invidivual, and of those going on at the scale of society itself. It is time for the goddess to be liberated from the oppression of the patriarchy. And that patriarchy is a construct of the powers that were, the cabal, the "higher" realm beings we're going to have a lot more conscious interaction with, and whom we are neither to continue worshiping as the false gods we've let them pretend to be, nor to be slain in punishment for our aeons of slavery and abuse at their hands. It's just time to giggle at the entire game, and conclude, as in War Games: "An interesting game; the only winning move is not to play." The order we need to have emerge out of the chaos, is ahimsa, or the even more positive form known as aloha. This is not chaos produced by anarchy, but anarchy built out of chaos, a realization on the individual level that we are all one, there are none either over nor under us, and we all choose to self-govern as self-responsible co-creators of Gaia. As for my own unique path, i am called to focus on New-Kaua'i, and even more specifically upon New-Kilauea.

9th March 2015

We continue to harmonize and align to ascension frequencies Gaialy (physical), astral, mental, and aetheric realms of Kilauea, from which alignment propagates to Kaua'i, and the rest of the 8D Ascension Portal network.

One of the greatest blessings is to see the divine plane unfolding right in front of one. This evening brought joyous awareness of passing through a gateway between realities, the graduation into status of ascended of yet another goddess, and the completion of a quantump leap into light of Kapa'a, a collective reality blessing overriding individual limitations.

10th March 2015

"This or better..." is the ego surrender of expectations to the process of awaiting manifestation via the Law of Attraction.

11th March 2015

The wonder-full grace of transendence beyond attachment within duality, is the sustenance of easy peace and flow within ones soul. Good morning!

Project Camelot's interview of Simon Parkes titled The Measure of a Man finally showed up in my play queue for a second viewing after months since my first viewing. This was recorded before and during the Bases Project conference.

Certainly his admission to a 1/3 reptilian soul and membership in illuminati operations, coming out overtly as an elected official, is in alignment with a corresponding self "outing" by Andew Basagio as CIA and time-traveler, whereas Simon's mum was working for the NSA, so we're seeing the exposure in a gentle way of the Military / Security Industrial Extra / Ultra Gaian reality, in small pieces, which is obviously a necessary progression.

When we compare the Reptilian agenda to have no change, with the "Report from Iron Mountain" think-tank agenda to maintain governmental sheep-herding of the citizen-people, and the necessity of not disrupting the management of those whose consciousness remains service-to-self and / or dependent / irresponsible, a progressive awakening of the public to more of reality is obviously going to be forced by the overlords, regardless who they are (multiple groups) or their agendae (plural / conflicting) in a slow way which keeps "the system" in place to continue managing those who are not ready to be self managing, i.e. those who have not ascended to service-to-other unity consciousness.

OK, crystal faery, where does this all lead? It is a sign that the people are beginning to awaken to realities that some of us have been witnessing, or even participating in, for many years, and that the "lifting of the veil", or the awakening from a very limited collective illusion to a much broader reality, is progressing due to a collective choice. This is a very good thing, regardless some details may be uncomfortable for some. For example, the interview reveals the truth behind the Fukushima "event", which some of us have always known was an intentionally technologially created event, but extends that information to the exo-political motivation behind that creation.

Further puzzle pieces appearing in my view 2015-03-14 13:33:23+00:00 include Peter_Levenda_-_Secret_Space_Program_Conference_Amsterdam_2011. This report ties together many historical puzzle pieces i have been aware of, across most of my life, factors which have been peripheral to my reality, energies i have been exposed to, and about which i have come to my own independent path, which has carried a theme, a direction, an ethics, a purpose, and an outcome, which has continually dealt with the same issues, but which has always lead me away from these people, groups, and agendae. As i write this, just passing 83 minutes into the video, the first audience applause breaks out in response to a simple concept: is it not "fair" that we as individuals might have our own "classified information" (privacy and secrecy) to match "the government"'s "right" to keep secrets from "the people"? Clearly, given the reality we now endure, this is certainly not a "fair" world. The secret space program and all its peripheral elements, a parasitic civilization using the masses as a slave race to support it, knows that the masses would not volunteer to serve the actual reality, though it passively submits to a collective illusion it is spoon fed continually via Big Brother's ViewScreen. The masses are awakening, despite the many programs to prevent consciousness. There are those of us who at our cores beleive in the right of each soul to consciousness and free will. As we are all one, and the one is in each of us, none of us are immune from any aspect of all of these issues.

Always we come back to reality creation by thought, word, and deed, and therefore, our primary success is related to being in creator role, or in being motivated in reaction. Learning by contrast that which is not our preferred reality, our most important choice is to invert the awareness, and put our attention and intention into creating a positive reality, Gaia.


2015-03-11 08:09:00+00:00 in InWorldz Text Chat: [01:09:02] Celestial Angela: let me ask another way... [01:09:03] Celestial Angela: what do you think of Barium Titanate as photonic superconductor quantum computing element? [01:11:23] Shiva chemist: Titanates are very rare and hard to see too [01:11:35] Shiva chemist: slightly hard to prepare as well [01:12:10] Shiva chemist: Barium titanate is usually prepared by dissolving Titanium dioxide in molten Barium hydroxide [01:12:42] Celestial Angela: awesome, maybe you're the one to take this idea and put it into production [01:13:12] Celestial Angela: my higher self (spirit) was very insistent this is the next thing in computing technology [01:15:15] Shiva chemist: Barium titanate is not that hard to prepare anyway as Barium hydroxide is easy meltable [01:15:28] Shiva chemist: just will take time to dissolve it [01:16:02] Celestial Angela: usual circuit making is with layers of vapor deposition through a mask [01:16:52] Celestial Angela: but I'm not going to be corporate enough to follow through on building the hardware, [01:16:53] Celestial Angela: so i just open sourced the idea

12th March 2015

i am just giggling at the silly humans...
yammeringly ceaselessly that '"they" should change, and if "they" won't change, then "we" should gang up and vote for greater totalitarian authoritarianism to empower "them" to force "they" to change the way "I" want them to be changed!
...and oh, by the way, i object to some (most) laws that "they" have passed that i don't want to have to obey!
...and oh, by the way, i want more benefits for less taxes!'

The appropriate level of responsiblity is:

From that place of harmlessness, we may then (co-)create by agreement, and where there is disagreement, separate with love, without judgment, and allow others their own realities.
Of course, ahimsa automatically implies that, you can't move upstream from me, and treat my fresh water supply as your toilet.

Yay, we are given opportunities to facilitate others in ascension!

13th March 2015

Today has presented tests of commitment to truth, integrity, and ethics. As usual, my commitment thereunto has resulted in some people having to either look at some aspect of themself and their choices, or push me away, or because they persist in attempting to hire me to abuse my abilities in service to their dark agenda, to push them away. i can ethically facilitate one who intends to change themself, and seeks help in their consciously chosen changes, but i can not be hired to change others without their conscious participation.

i serve the call of spirit, and wherever and whenever mankind is out of alignment with spirit, i cannot be in alignment with those humans, though i may forgive, bless, and aloha them, i cannot submit to anyone's ego, especially my own. It was a principle which came up early in my training, that when one accepts or invokes the "gift" of higher powers, that correspondingly one gives up control of one's own life, for one's life then is in service to the use of those powers, for the good of all, the implementation of the divine plan. i was prepared for the surrender of my individual will to service, but i was not prepared for the abuse by those who would far rather "slay the messenger", than hear "the message" sent from spirit to humanity. But then why should we have any expectation that humanity has progressed much since it chose to crucify Yeshua, or burn at the stake all the midwives? i simply cannot do other than walk the path spirit commands. If you don't like the message, mirroring, or lessons i bring, you can punish me or ignore me, but i cannot betray spirit. Wakey wakey people, this island is the prototype of ascension, and we lightworkers and loveworkers are manifesting it, whether you fight it or embrace it, crucify us or hug us, Gaia is here now.

We are scheduled to have fully 1/3 of humanity ascend to unity consciousnes, unconditional love, and service-to-others consciousness in the next half year. Kaua'i is allegedly the leading-edge prototype of human ascension on Gaia. It is certainly not a linear progression of consciousness, which means many are going to have some challenging quantum leaps to make. Since all is mirroring, i hereby forgive myself and love myself unconditionally.

Yes, those souls who still wish to experience duality and negativity, are indeed running out of time to experience such on Gaia, thus the intensity of negativity and polarity is stepping up every bit as much as the positive unity reality of New-Gaia is. It is the final darkest period before the dawn of a new era. I've outgrown the role of Djedi Warrior for the light, have been operating as a Frequency Holder for ascension reality, as a portal creator and gate-keeper for Kaua'i's ascension portal, and am ready to move forward to my new role of Faery Magician / Musician in Kilauea.

14th March 2015

i am compassionately "sorry for" your pain. i forgive you.

You might wonder how those two statements are congruent?
Those who have unhealed pain, are often motivated thereby, into acts harmful to others.

15th March 2015

Today's journey into alternate realities has brought to light the realms of interference in the embodiment of the divine in human lives, and a call to once again look at the role of the Djedi Warrior, to enforce what is of right and light, and in so doing, to bear the wrath of the dark serving beings who are interfering, intruding, and implanting humans. To "heal" a divine light being implanted with technology blocking their divine expression, is to "take on" the entire dark hierarchy, agenda, and group of entities behind that abuse. i have retired from the role of Djedi Warrior, declared peace with the universe, and moved up to transcendent densities, above the duality, wherein, the dark and light fight in duality. My new role has been Frequency Holder. i am being called to perform psychic surgery to remove an implant. i perceive this to be not just a call to heal the individual, but instead to deal with all such implants in every human, and all of the entities and energies which have intended this implantation. Thus i am not just jumping in "because it is right" to save or rescue the individual, but instead to find a higher level solution to whatever problem these beings think they are trying to solve by implanting humans.

As i revisit this reality, back in time from 2016-08-14, i see that the above entry left an open question... what to do with the generic case for humanity... and what to do for the individual with the implant, seeking my psychic surgery. i did remove her implant, and she confirmed that as successful, having been guided by her own guides that i was one of the few beings who were able to provide that change of reality for her. However, i tried to get her to "buy-into" not just the removal of the specific implant, but a larger healing, of releasing out of her life all victimhood from negative beings and agendae, and that was more than she was willing to allow to change, for she was still caught-up-in her self-worth and self-definition of role / purpose / mission of being an agent of saviourship for humanity, battling-with / conquering / vanquishing the dark beings and agendae, and was unwilling to simply let me quantum-leap her to a new reality where all such problems had already "been solved" (i.e. did not exist in that reality). She was still playing Djedi Warrior.
As for the generic case for humanity, i came to the awareness that each individual chooses / creates their own reality, and having released all "need" to play saviour for others, i had simply moved into the role of reality-creator of New-Gaia for myself, my ahupua'a (watershed of Kilauea, and my island of Kaua'i.

16th March 2015

We are continuing to investigate the impact upon Gaia-Sophia of influences of illusion.

17th March 2015

Awakening lucidly from dreamstate, i am re-concluding as i have before, that i am indeed to remain fully in non-dual reality, and address all issues from the transcendent state of parallel realities or alternate time-lines, rather than addressing any dualistic issues. i also am again and again brought to the knowing that, we all belong operating in creator mode, rather than in reaction mode. This also correlates with the aphorism from the book that "If one hands to a man a fish, one has fed him for the day. If one teaches them how to catch fish, one has fed him for life." When we place all of these in the blender and punch the "liquify" button, what we wind up with in our smoothie of metaphors is this: Yes, i can indeed, as a "healer", be hired to accomplish a temporary "fix" of a "problem" within 4D- duality that triggers reaction, but to do so, while making one feel much better in the now, is the equivalent of feeding one for the day, and yes indeed, may be necessary before one can focus on sitting down to learn how to catch ones own fish. This blog is a vehicle through which i have for decades offered the guidance on how to catch ones own fish, and the classes i taught in clairvoyant healing likewise, and yes i enjoy teaching one on one wherein one requires such. So, when one comes to me with hunger, it would greatly help to arrive with willingness to learn, how to end the problem of hunger in ones life, not just with the desire for a fast-food snack.

So, back from the land of metaphors, we continue to address the recently surfacing issues of "implants", "parasites", "extra-Gaia-estrials", "psychic attacks", and the ever pervasive "family". The higher consciousness and higher reality paradigm is:
"We can clear out the manifestations you have created and we can then all hop time-lines to the 5D+ ascended Gaia where we don't play 4D- dualistic games."

When i started my clairvoyant training 3 decades ago, both i and the world were less open to metaphysics, and therefore there was much more of a "prove it" energy to deal with, which tended to result in the path of "handing the hungry man a fish", i.e. producing an immediately perceivable "healing", something the recipient could viscerally perceive as an immediate result validating the reality of "psychic healing". By now i really don't care what anyone believes, and because i have outgrown the need to "prove it" to myself, and to others, I'm totally OK with someone choosing to live in a limited "reality" devoid of miracles and blessings, and to have them walk away from me in disbelief. And so it is now that i am adjusting my "practice" to be much less ready to just hand out fish i have caught, to clear invasive energies from other beings to which one is continually open out of dependency or inappropriate responsibility, etc.

"Yes, a Djedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice." -- Yoda
The Djedi agenda is quite simple:
"Does this action bring more Love into the world? If yes, continue. If not, desist."

So, continuing on with my assessment of dealing with implants... It is the precept of we, the crystal faeries, that the only viable, worthy, long-term solution, is to raise ones vibration to and transcend all the duality in which this game exists. It is specifically because of this (re-)conclusion that, i have stated i have retired as a Djedi Warrior, i.e. that i shall no longer "fight for the light" in 4D-. What does remain of the Djedi tradition, is the growth path of awakening kundalini and sending it up one's spine to activate higher chakras,

Yet another customer find i to be with implant, and yet again find i guidance to address the problem in general, to find a solution for all of Kaua'i, for all of our 8D Ascension Portal network.
It is time for a change of time-line. I'm jumping to a time-line where this problem does not exist, and therefore i don't have to heal anyone of implants.
The difference from healing everyone with implants?
A lot of work and karmic blowback i can skip.
All i have to do is play my flute to correct the distortions of the false ascension illusion.
This is Faery Magick.

18th March 2015

i am continuing to come to knowing of the larger picture related with various events and realities presently interfering with individuals and ascension time-lines especially within my kuleana of Kaua'i, including building Kilauea ascension community, and facilitating the removal of negative implants, either in individuals, or entirely as a possible reality on Kaua'i, and/or within any of the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals and the network of our portals. Kaua'i is a goddess island, the one remaining portion of Lemuria which never sank under the ocean, and is the planetary prototype of the preservation, restoration, reempowerment, restoration, reemergence, and blossoming of the divine goddess.

It is time to jump time-lines to an alternate parallel reality. Thus, this is my "heads-up" for you to contemplate whether you wish to join me in this time-line jump.

I beleive this will be my last visit to old Gaia-an time-lines, wherein my service is requested to accomplish "healings" within duality. It remains a solid commitment of we crystal faeries to focus on the roles of (co-)creation within New-Gaia.

19th March 2015

We have practiced implant "removal" via time-line hopping, and feel ready to address all remaining issues on Kaua'i.

Kaua'i is ascending in the 1st wave of ascension, and now is the time of the next quantum leap, thanks to the Faery Magick of collective time-line hopping, we have now activated the entire network of 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals to actively rather than passively convey within the portals the ascended higher-self DNA templates of each being, the ascended New-Gaia realities, and the balancing of all dualities.

The Gaia Kaua'i is pure and clean, is fully aligned with the divine plan, is on schedule for the first wave of ascension. The you in this reality does not have nor ever had, any negative implants. No entity has any more power than you do, especially over your own individual reality. This is now the reality actively created by the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and throughout the network thereof. We remind you that tomril and the crystal faeries have accepted the kuleana to maintain this network, and the premiere portal of ascension, which is centered at the top of Mt. Wialeale, and is a protected sovereign space of 200 mile radius, except where that would intrude on a 200 mile radius from neighbor isles (Niihau and O'ahu), wherein we set the boundary to be half way between our shores.

20th March 2015

Everything which can exist already does exist, in some parallel-reality time-line. By aligning our own frequencies with those characteristic of any reality time-line we jump or hop from where we were in another vibration to the reality which is the reflection (in manifestation) of the new vibrational reality. The enlightened empowered creator god(dess) consciously chooses and intends a given reality, actively sets their vibrational field, and thereby quantum leaps into that reality (law of attraction, the illusion of "creation"). The people who are passive receivers of what is around them, or those who do not establish energetic boundaries, receive the collective reality of the entities they "hang out with".

In changing between time-lines, we may make a single quantum leap, directly accomplishing an "awesome miracle", or, we may choose to go on a journey, however convoluted or long we create it to be, making a lot of time-line hops, between the original and target realities. Motivations for creating a journey often include:

Most of those choices which involve relationships with either obstacles or helpers, are actually self created dramas through which the individual is working on the self chosen "issues" of deservingness, worthiness, or lovability. All of these are of duality.

Ascension is minimally classified to require disengagement with all duality, to arrive in a unity consciousness. Therefore we could say that the process of Ascension, is an exercise in the duality between duality and unity. That is a paradox. There are a number of extant "systems of belief" "out there" for us to choose from (if not being purely in creator mode of our own reality), which contain within them a duality between the old "reality" and a collective target "reality". Some of these "dualistic realities" involve the collective having to overcome a collective obstacle / enemy, or the collective "needing" the help of a collective ally / saviour. These are not truths, they are merely alternative time-line parallel-realities. Some of these are (switch on echo chamber and boost the bass...) "Galactic Scale" (...back to normal sound), and may involve various "higher dimensional" / "less dense", or angelic / demonic, or ET entities or collective groups thereof. None of us need the help of an ally to overcome an obstacle, nor does a collective reality need a collection of allies to overcome a collection of enemies, all any of us need to do is to choose to:

No thing and no one has more power than you do to choose your own reality, you do not need any entity or any technology to help you, you merely need to choose to vibrate in your preferred reality, to get there. There is nothing and noone you either need to overcome or get the help of. You do, however, have the option to choose to create a journey for yourself, perhaps even one you enter without having chosen a destination reality, wherein you jump into some parallel-reality time-line involving any such group, and you can thereby align with or against a multitude of groups, thereby manifesting a duality to explore and experience, which is a learning experience involving contrast, (between what does or not vibrate in harmony with your core essence / soul / higher-self), as a vehicle of self-discovery, of "knowing thyself". Once you're clear on your perferences and have become neutral about all dualities, you can jump up to New-Gaia Unity Consciousness of Unconditional Love, where we will happily welcome you with Aloha. -- tomril of the crystal faeries

OMG, i just completed a couple's reading, and then resumed my website review with this page, and the correlations are amazing. We are sorting ourselves into which wave of ascension we are ready to "surf", and this can rip-apart relationships for the few years between waves of ascension, and yet, still, on the other side of ascension, we become again compatible, but, to the extent that some realities are mutually exclusive, e.g. which wave of ascension you are choosing to "surf", the temporary mutually exclusive realities are quite a challenge.

21st March 2015

Good Goddess morning to you... say I... noticing it to be local time 08:08 which is double goddess number :-)
While it is now much later, my day started as it often does, with the ringing of my telephone, to facilitate and guide another, on their path of life. The fact that there are predicted to be 3 waves of ascension each carrying 1/3 of humanity, means that, any relationship in which there is disagreement over which wave of ascension to surf, shall result in tearing apart that relationship, for one cannot simultaneously be both unascended and ascended. While, with the passage of time, we may all arrive at ascended reality, we may take different paths, even if the only difference of reality is the timing of ascension. Whether the relationship be "family" or "marriage", our larger ohana is now becoming, "which wave of ascension are you surfing?" Wherever we have allegiance to multiple beings, we are being forced to choose mutually exclusively between those of our same wave, versus those on another wave. This is, in a sense, our final or most intense experience of learning via contrast within duality, since ascension is to transcend duality itself, and therefore to live beyond contrast. The deeply significant question long term is "do you choose to ascend at all?", for disagreements over that question are terminal, whereas "in which wave?" are merely "temporary" incompatibilties. Yet, nevertheless, we must tune into our own essence, and its truth of which wave is appropriate, and then live that with 100% commitment, even though the implication is that for now we cannot share reality with those on different waves. Well, at least, that's how it is in some parallel-reality time-lines. Perhaps this is not a problem at all in others, but then, with no problem, nobody calls for help, so I'm not much exposed to those time-lines :-)

A quantum break-through in 3D Printing brings the unclassifed mainstream civilization, (not to be confused with the classified break-away parasitic advanced civilization of Gaia), much closer to the replicators of Star Trek.

22nd March 2015

Spring is the happiest time of the year for a Faery!

23rd March 2015

Yay! Great progress in ascension are we enjoying witnessing and facilitating!

24th March 2015

In this gateway time between time-lines, between new and full moons, passing through equinox and eclipse, it is of greatest import to forgive, release, and leave behind, all that no longer serves our highest purpose, and to embrace without expectations, that which is arriving in support of that highest purpose. In Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning he suggests that we are lost (merely service-to-self) until we find our appropriate service-to-others, and that will take the form of either service to a specific other individual (e.g. a divine marriage), or service to some cause or purpose larger than our self, beyond just what feels good to self about self for self in the moment. That is only a deep sustainable truth when based in our essence, and is most true when it is of both our higher-self eternal essence, and of our embodied self, our soul, resident in the "gold room" of our heart chakra. Ascension is all about first aligning and harmonizing all of this true essence, and then collapsing upwards through densities into a unified (ascended) state of being, which is embodied (descended) into manifest reality of New-Gaia.

As i continue to intake, grok, and integrate much information, and experience much energetic activation, i am finding myself as i close this day, very neutral in the now, just one with Suzanne Teng's Light of the Heart.

25th March 2015

Introversion and introspection are so encouraged by a grey rainy day :-)

The recently active issue we are seeing is that individuals are having to face their own internal conflicts, particularly those of conflicted will. This is expressing as attachment to more than one reality, where the realities are mutually exclusive, incompatible, conflictory. Conflicted will also comes from having both attachment to some aspect of a single reality while simultaneously holding aversion to another aspect of that reality. This also expresses as conflict between an ego-personality polarity in opposition to the higher-self's will or intent, the soul's essence and appropriateness. As assenscion is about aligning, integrating, and congruence with core essence, and we are experiencing an energetic gateway, a quantum leap in the path of ascension, many are experiencing this time as one triggering much release, of attachment, aversion, will, expectations. Others are finding that they are having to release their agendae to define others, and how others "should" relate with them.

Unconditional self love produces that one may not betray one's own truth.
Unconditional other love produces that one must accept others as they are.

26th March 2015

Graceful flow of heavens blessings wish we for all...

27th March 2015

Today we experienced a manifestation of appearance which was not correlated with any substantial presence. The obvious lesson is to honor the disconnection as real.

28th March 2015

Yay, another beautiful spring day! Perception is everything... the meaning we assign to perceptions creates our experience of the illusion we call reality.

29th March 2015

An issue which has been increasing in frequency with customers, is that of intestinal dis-ease. The patterns i am observing with these, are two-fold. One is that the community of bacteria which live in our intestines are ascending just as is the community of cells we call "our body", and is reacting to the very same acension activation energies coming through the gateways and portals, as we are. Secondly we are all being intentionally exposed to altering influences via the environment, itself being geo-engineered via chemtrails, (which causes us to both inhale and ingest living organisms), GMO, and nanotechnology. What i am finding to be most beneficial to most of us, is to minimize the necessity of semi-biotics, (colloidal silver and iodine), and to maximize ones exposure to the broadest spectrum available of pro-biotics. Your intestinal community will have to sort it out amongst themelves, but we need a variety of bacteria sharing the space, so find every kind of probiotic you can at the health food store, and include in your diet regularly, exposure to non-pasteurized fermented foods, e.g. sour-kraut, kefir, yogurt, etc. However, remember that the point is to periodically seed your intestines with a dose of each culture, rather than to overdose on them as if they were foods.

Colloidal Silver is a powerful, natural selective antibiotic and preventative against infections. It acts as a catalyst which disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food.

30th March 2015

Energies of growth and increased consciousness are activating today... be blessedly aware.

31st March 2015

Time-line, oh time-line, whenfore art thou?

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