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16th September 2014

As i more fully integrate consciousness as higher self tomril, in the transcendent realms of no-time no-space unity of love, i find it very difficult to maintain any story not of the here-now, the eternal now moment which is real, which is truth. Those of duality consciousness who upon meeting ask the inane nonsense question: "Where are you from?" misidentify "self" as "body" rather than as eternal spirit, and mis-presume an illusion that "one" is a product of their past, rather than being today their present step on their path towards their goals. i am completely defined by my intent towards and process of ascension. i am Kaua'i kama'aina since 1999, a living embodiment of god(dess) incarnate, and I'm not invested in telling any stories of what came before Kaua'i in this body, for those stories are of another being, another time-line, another parallel-reality, and do not belong to me, nor define me.

Today i synchronistically encountered 2014 Message: The 3 Paths of [mankind], and realized that although I started as a Frequency Holder in this incarnation, and then passed into the role of Djedi Warrior, that i have moved into the role of Magick Weaver (Faery Magick), as primary modality, yet am also integrating all into one. As with all dualities or trialities or paradoxes, the transcendent perspective is integrative and wholistic.

Energetic initiations are arriving so quickly from my 8D family of crystal faeries that making plans outside the flow-of-the-moment appropriateness often encounter contrast. It remains possible to force manifestation into the limitations of linear time constructs, but the outcome is of a lower reality, less synergy, less appropriateness, less abundance. The higher i rise the more the guidance and appropriateness is only of the moment. It has been challenging to trust this versus the old patterns of precognition and time travel, but that was more as an individual, whereas now the collective unity is the shared consciousness of shared cocreation, and is disassociated from linear time, for it is of New-Gaia, not of dualistic Gaia. For those of you who seek my facilitation, the highest of my work is not of the 4D- world, and i can offer more appropriate, (though less ego-satisfying), counseling and energy activations, when allowed to stay anchored in the higher realm no-time, rather than called into linear time apointments. There is only now, as past and future are illusion, so the bottom line is that you either do or don't choose to cocreate with me in the here now. When you align to a postive choice, then initiate connection.

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