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28th August 2015

We are feeling that our energetic activations are all in place and stable for the next cycle of manifesting our gathering community of cocreators, and the creation occuring in non-dual realms is gracefully peaceful.

[mantid's DNA passport to use stargates]

OMG... this is so double plus un-good!
Alien abductee Simon Parkes is gleefully serving agendae he does not comprehend, yet it is blatantly obvious to anyone who's bothered to do deep research into the issues, that he is being used to grant access to our solar system to aliens / ETs who are not supposed to have access to be here. There are multiple stargate systems, some natural and some technological, control over which there have been wars for many thousands of years, and over which there are in place for some of them, protective artificial inteligences which determine under what conditions who can use which gates to go or come, in order to limit or prevent negative agendae. It is well known that one of the deciding factors in granting access is DNA. He has clearly indicated that he is a hybrid of 3 races, so it is obvious he was genetically engineered for this purpose. The primary races he serves and is hybrided with are the reptoids and the mantids. In this case he is dealing with primarily mantids and greys. The fact that he is consciously willingly serving agendae he does not comprehend, and knows that he's being used to grant access which is impossible without his help, is worse than holding conscious evil intent, it is willful ignornace and neglience, a complete abdication of responsibility for the consequences of his choices. That he has been elected to government office by [mankind] is a further sign of danger. The confession to operating gates/portals for ETs is about 1000 seconds into this video. For the math impaired that's about 16 minutes.

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