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1st October 2014

We are in a gateway period of energetic activations from our galactic central sun activating our local sun whose radiative resonance is opening gateways of both consciousness and DNA activation, deeply affecting the higher densities of transcendence, thereby all of us on the ascension path, and at the same time the lower densities of duality are being triggered in greater polarization as imbalances of energy become amplified. This produces overwhelm on the body level for those receiving the DNA activations, and overwhelm on the emotional and mental levels for those who have not yet released their polarization within duality. The overall effect is that we are either getting more strongly aligned with ascending KRST consciousness of unconditional love and surrender to the flow of the divine plan, or we can become psychotically unbalanced and create warfare and destruction. The densities continue to pull further apart, to separate further in frequency range. i have been witnessing this in my facilitation of others as some are being triggered to make quantum leaps to their authentic spirituality, and others are retrenching into old attachments, with the result that many relationships are strained to the breaking point, as the incompatiblity between 4D- and 5D+ consciousness intensifies, with it being unbearable for a 5D+ consciousness to live with the limitations and negativity of 4D- reality, and those still attached to 4D- habits and choices finding themselves unbearably triggered by the presence of any 5D+ vibrations or expressions of consciousness around them. Those of us who are of Gaia can not live by other than the divine plan. With patience and grace the divine plan shall unfold into manifestation for the highest good of all.

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