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8th June 2012

Today being the 17th anniversary of my move to the Hawaiian islands, i was triggered to do (yet another) rebirth,
deeply re-examining my being who i AM, and
deeply re-examining my doing what i DO.
Since the completion of my apprenticeship in November of 1991, when i transitioned from 6 years of part-time, to full-time ministry as a clairvoyant psychic reader, healer, and teacher, such roles were priority and had been definitional for me.
Along my journey of self-discovery, i reached a point of consciousness regarding reality creation that i quantum leaped from perceiving myself to operate as a catalyst of change for others, (who were in need of my services to facilitate them), to instead live the precept that i am to operate as a magical (co-)creator of miraculous realities within a pre-existing ascended and perfected Gaia, in which everyone is already healthy and functional.
Because what we intend is creational of the reality in which we live, i redefined myself to release my primary roles in life, releasing my previously held purposes, those of being needed by others to become whole, healthy, functional, and happy, to instead be purposeless, sharing a reality of spontaneous joyful creativity of play.
This resulted in my addressing the chelas in my ongoing weekly clairvoyance classes, informing them that i was stepping down from the role of being their teacher, and instead would simply be one of the participants sitting in a circle of equals, in which we all learn from each other and our sharing of our experiences and perceptions.
Part of the motivation for this choice was to push them out of their comfort zone of defining themselves as seekers and students who depended upon the leadership of "a teacher", to quantum leap into a higher level of self-responsibility and internal authority.

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