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1st October 2015

While we are aware of the intense waves of energetic activation, i have stabilized in the nondual with comfort, grace, and ease, (finally! :-), and i am glad to share with those who also dwell in this New-Gaia reality. Meanwhile, others are either working, (sometimes struggling), to catch-up with the quantum shifts, while yet others are still in resistance, unwilling to change, still anchored into duality. The densities continue to separate further vibrationally, (frequency), therefore the worlds continue to become less compatible, causing many problems for those who are not willing to stay in their own vibration, whom for whatever reason merge energies with those from the other time-lines. Many who remain anchored in 4D- reality are struggling with fear as the 3D world continues to disintegrate underneath them, leaving them feeling lost or terrified. For these, the challenging lesson is to let go of fear and embrace love, to come out of terror into trust, to forgive and release the past, to cease seeking in the future, and just be in the flow of the now moment. These are who shall catch the 2nd or 3rd wave of ascension. We radiate faery blessings of unconditional love to all willing to receive.

2nd October 2015

Aaahhh... graceful flow in the moment.

3rd October 2015

Deamy fairy tales of dreamy fairy tails begin our gentle day.


Gentleness of autumn weather is gracefully supporting our MercuryRx inspired introversion and introspection, as we continue clearing out old time-line perspectives and precepts, to stay in the eternal moment neutrally.

4th October 2015

It seems to be time for single pointed consciousness in the eternal timeless moment.

5th October 2015

Everything is flowing creatively in New-Gaia.

Many people are bringing completions to, and setting boundaries with, old or inappropriate obsolete energies.

6th October 2015
[Great Auspicious Fairy Mantra]

i just synchronistically discovered this music, which has just become my new favorite: the Great Auspicious Fairy Mantra!
Can anyone translate into English the lyrics of this beautiful song?
Apparently this is a Chinese version of a Sanskrit mantra invoking Lakshmi.
I've begun collecting variations of The Great Lakshmi Mantra:

The Great Lakshmi Mantra
Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha
Let all obstacles to my abundance be eliminated and the flow of the shakti (energy) of abundance released within me.
(This Great Lakshmi mantra is one of the primary mantras for attaining wealth and abundance.
The syllable 'Shrim' represents the Goddess Lakshmi and abundance of all kinds.
The syllable 'Gum' is the syllable that represents Ganesha the god of success and remover of obstacles.
So this mantra is a great aid if you have had difficulty in attaining wealth and abundance
as it will remove any obstacles energy patterns.
and then will bring you the wealth and abundance you desire.)
[Chyi Yu] This appears to be the album containing the song:

Chyi Chyi theater company contracted agency brokerage firm Chyi Chyi endorsements Chyi Chyi broker brokerage firm website He Xu 13,798,105,656 Performing experience (excerpted): 2004 Buddha song released album 'liking - and therefore more beautiful'; peace of mind - found the courage '; Happy - so happy change' 2006 Release 'Buddha's heart' Buddha song album 2010 March 12 issue of the new soul album 'The Voice'

New comment on your post "Great Auspicious Fairy Mantra: lyrics translation sought" Author: Vigil Alkana (IP:, E-mail: [email protected] URL: Comment: Sometimes i like a puzzle so i played with this. On the YouTube site below the the video and above the comments it says: Show More. i clicked on this and found an Oriental text. I googled "Japanese to English". i pasted (a paragraph at a time) the text. The translation was not quite right but it offered Chinese to English which was better. It appears to be a Chinese version of a Sanskrit text (or something like that) so this is far from perfect. There may even be some Japanese mixed with the Chinese. Way over my head, but i offer as a beginning to find out what you want. Listening to the audio some of it definitely matches, but i am not sure if this is exactly what is sung. She may repeat this each time or it may be only the first verse. Anyway it's a start. 歌曲:大吉祥天女咒 歌手:齊豫 專輯:因此更美麗(齊豫唱經給你聽之一:順心) 發行:科藝百代;2004 圖片:曾浩油畫作品 Song: Great Lakshmi Mantra Singer : Chyi Yu Album: therefore more beautiful ( Chyi chanting to you one : liking ) Released: Arts EMI ; 2004 Photo: Zeng Hao paintings 南無佛陀耶 南無達摩耶 南無僧伽耶 南無室利 摩訶提鼻耶 怛你也他:唵 波利富流那遮利 三曼陀 達舍尼羅佉 摩訶毗羅伽帝 三曼陀 毗陀尼那伽帝 摩訶迦梨 波帝波婆邇 薩婆哆訶 三曼陀 修缽梨富隸 阿夜那 達摩帝 摩訶毗鼓畢帝 摩訶彌勒 簸僧祇帝 醯帝 蓰三博祇悕帝 三曼陀 阿他 阿耨婆羅尼 薩婆訶 Namo Buddha Renam no no monk Bodhidharma Renam Gaya Namo room Li Mo nose yeah DA you mention him : Om Polly rich stream that cover interest Three mantras Dasheniluo Maha adjoin Luo Jia Tai Qu Three Cayman Tuo Tuo Nepal border Naga Timor Maha Kali wave waves woman near Dili Sa Po duo blame three mantras repair mortar pear rich scribe A night that Emperor Dharma Maha Pigubidi Maitreya Maha toss Sengzhi Timor XI Emperor Emperor Xi Xi Bo only A three mantras of his hoe Ronnie Po Sa Po blame 大吉祥天女咒是《早晚課誦集》中十小咒之一。此咒出自於北涼三藏法師曇無讖譯出的 《金­光明經》中之「功德天品第八」,是善天女所宣說的咒語。善天女又稱功德天或大吉祥天女­, 念誦此咒語,可以使修行者克服經濟上的困難,並能早成正果。 Great Lakshmi Mantra is one of the ten small curse , " sooner or later Puja set" . Break this oath comes from the cool north Tripitaka Master Dharmakṣema translated the " Sutra of Golden Light " in the " merit goods eighth day ," declared a woman say good day spell. Good day woman known as merit or Grand Lakshmi day , chanting this mantra , we can make the practitioner to overcome economic difficulties , and can back into immortal. 【『大吉祥天女咒』內容淺釋及梵文音譯】 [ " Great Lakshmi mantra " Content Explanation and Sanskrit transliteration ] 01. 南無佛陀耶(namo buddhaya):「皈依佛」 02. 南無達摩耶(namo dharmaya):「皈依法」 03. 南無僧伽耶(namo samghaya):「皈依僧」 04. 南無(namo):「禮敬」 05. 室利(sri):「吉祥」 06. 摩訶(maha):「大」 07. 提鼻耶(deviya):「天女」 01. Namo Buddha, Jesus (namo buddhaya): " refuge in the Buddha ." 02. Namo Da Moye (namo dharmaya): " Dhamma " 03. Namo Monk Bodhgaya (namo samghaya): " Sangha " 04. Namo (namo): " Homage " 05. Room Lee (sri): " auspicious " 06. Maha (maha): "big" 07. mention the nose yeah (deviya): " Child " 08. 怛你也他(tadyatha):「即說咒曰」 咒語裡這個關鍵字前的部份是歸敬呼請文,之後才是咒語的主要內容(即心咒的部份) 08. DA you he (tadyatha): " That is to say curse , saying " Mantra in this part is owned by the King before the call , please text the keyword , then is ( part of the mantra that is ) is the main content of the spell 09. 唵(om):咒語起始語,「極讚」之意 10. 波利富流那(pari-purana):「圓滿」 11. 遮利(care):「行」 12. 三曼陀(samanta):「普遍」 13. 達舍尼羅佉(darsanerakha):「照見」 14. 摩訶(maha):「大」 15. 毗羅伽帝(vihara-gate):「寺院」 16. 三曼陀(samanta):「普遍」 17. 毗陀尼那伽帝(vidhanagate):「教誡」 18. 摩訶 迦梨(maha karya):「大事業」 19. 波帝波婆邇(pratisthapane):「安住」 20. 薩婆哆訶(sarvartha):「一切事」 21. 三曼陀(samanta):「普遍」 22. 修缽梨富隸(suparipurune):「極善圓滿」 23. 阿夜那(ayana):「接近」 24. 達摩帝(dharmate):「法性」 25. 摩訶 毗鼓畢帝(maha vikurvite):「大神通」 26. 摩訶 彌勒(maha-maitri):「大慈」 27. 簸僧祇帝(upa-samhite):「饒益」 28. 醯帝(hite):「利益」 29. 蓰三博祇悕帝(su-sam-grhite):「支配」 30. 三曼陀(samanta):「普遍」 31. 阿他(artha):「事業」 32. 阿耨婆羅尼(anupalane):「護持」 33. 薩婆訶(svaha):咒語結尾語,「成就」之意 09. 唵 (om): meaning 咒語 OkoshiHajime-go, Noriyuki "Goku讚" 10. Namiritomi-ryu那 (pari-purana): "MadokaMitsuru" 11. intercept (care): "row" 12. three 曼陀 (samanta): "universal" 13. our 舍尼 Ra佉 (darsanerakha): "Barthelemy" 14. Ma訶 (maha): "large" 15. 毗羅 Togitei (vihara-gate): "temple" 16. three 曼陀 (samanta): "universal" 17. 毗陀 nun 那伽 Emperor (vidhanagate): "Kyokai" 18. Ma訶 迦梨 (maha karya): "large business" 19. Namitei-ha Baba邇 (pratisthapane): "settle" 20. 薩婆 哆訶 (sarvartha): "all things" 21. three 曼陀 (samanta): "universal" 22. Osamu 缽梨 Tomi隸 (suparipurune): "Gokuzen MadokaMitsuru" 23. Omoneyoru那 (ayana): "proximity" 24. Itarumatei (dharmate): "law of" 25. Ma訶 毗鼓 畢帝 (maha vikurvite): "Okami through" 26. Ma訶 Maitreya (maha-maitri): "Daiji" 27. Hisokamitei (upa-samhite): "Nyo-eki" 28. 醯帝 (hite): "Profit" 29. 蓰 three Expo Gion 悕帝 (su-sam-grhite): "control" 30. three 曼陀 (samanta): "universal" 31. Ata other (artha): "Business" 32. Ata 耨婆 Lani (anupalane): "uphold" 33. 薩婆 訶 (svaha): 咒語 postlude words, Noriyuki "fulfillment" meaning 【持誦『大吉祥天女咒』之功德利益】 [ Recite merit by the "big Lakshmi Mantra "] 此咒的功德,使念佛懺悔、發願回向的人,不會分散道心,早日修成金光明三昧,破除煩惱­障、業障、 報障等三障,速証菩提: Break this oath of merit, so Buddha repentance , vow to return to the people , does not distract the Road, the heart , as soon as possible and to make Phonogram Samadhi , get rid of trouble barrier, karma , reported barrier , etc. Third barrier , speed Bodhi : 1. 若有善男子、善女人持此咒者,能生無量無邊福德之聚,即是供養、恭敬、尊重、贊嘆無數­諸佛。 如是諸佛,皆與此人授阿耨多羅三藐三菩提記。 1. If good man , good woman who break this oath who can give birth to limitless Crawford of polyethylene , which is dependent , respectful , respect, admiration of countless Buddhas . The case of Buddhas , who are granted A hoe and more Romans despise three Bodhi remember. 2. 若有人能持此咒者,隨其所欲,衣、食、財寶、多聞、聰慧、無病、長壽,獲福甚多。隨所­願求,無不遂意。 2. If anyone can break this oath person who , with their pace, clothing, food , treasure , Tamon , intelligent , disease , longevity, many eligible blessing . With the wish to find, all Suiyi . 3. 受持、讀誦、修習、供養、為他宣說此陀羅尼,能除一切貧窮業障,獲得豐饒財寶富貴,所­有願求皆得圓滿。 3. manned , recite , practice , support for his declared say this Dharani , can remove all poverty karma , get rich treasure of wealth , all willing to seek who obtain satisfactory . 【參考書目 Bibliography】 [ Bibliography Bibliography ] 簡豐棋著。《古梵文佛教咒語全集》。台北市:佛陀教育基金會,2006。 Jianfengqizhe . " The Complete Works of ancient Sanskrit Buddhist mantra ." Taipei : Buddha Educational Foundation , 2006 . "大吉祥天女咒" by 蘇活工作室 from Chinese: " Great Lakshmi curse " by Soho studio from Japanese: " Large Laksmi woman咒" by Sokatsu workshop

7th October 2015

As ascended consciousness integrates multi-dimensionality, awareness in realms transcendent of space and time, unites energies of harmonious frequency in auspicious communion.

8th October 2015
[Sri Yantra]

I, for one, am grateful that soon Mercury will Station Direct. Bleedthrough of olde time-lines appearing for final forgiveness and release, complete our revisitation under Mercury Rx, now slowing to a stop in preparation for again moving forward tomorrow. Consciousness has anchored into new time-lines, gracefully awaiting through the lag of manifestation.

9th October 2015

This morning a wonderful synchronicity of timing triggered loud giggles at some of the absurdities of dealing with the world as it is :-)
Continued progress in digital infrastructure proceeds nevertheless :-)
The details are not particularly enlightening to share, however, there was joy in the cognition of the graceful manner in which challenge was met with playful humour... a verification of living in humourous detachment.
i continue to delight in the Great Auspicious Fairy Mantra, despite the cognition that i cannot play the tune on my flute, because the Chinese music scale is incompatible.

10th October 2015

Joy de vivre comes from playing the song of one's soul :-)

11th October 2015

The day began with beautiful cocreation for New-Kilauea.

[The Dark Crystal's Gelflings]

The Dark Crystal is a wonderful allegory of the condition of present-time Gaia, and concludes with what needs to happen to heal the reality.

12th October 2015

Good morning! Perhaps it be only our own little bubble of reality, but certainly we are intending as powerfully as we are able, to fill the space of our ahupua'a (watershed (community)) Kilauea with the energies of peace and balance. This energy of calm and rest is gracefully easy at this balanced time of year, neither too summery nor too wintery, mellow and gentle. With gratitude and appreciation we hold ascended energetics on our ley-line. All is in perfect alignment, the divine plan energy field blessing our realm.

13th October 2015

With the new moon, we are inspired to combine essential oils and colloidal Ag (silver) and Au (gold) to create a new batch of Fae Play...
This time we were lighter on Rose (no Tunisian Rose available), heavier on Myrrh, and a few extra drops of the other ingredients snuck in.
Our inspirational music this time was the Great Auspicous Fairy Mantra.

14th October 2015

Good morning! i am very appreciative for living in transcendent consciousness with its concomitant peace and balance.

15th October 2015

We deeply intend the blossoming of our new expression of life in freedom and graceful flow.

16th October 2015
[retro/vintage glamour girl]

Happy Freya's day!... time for giggly girlyness!... and an October MoonDance!

17th October 2015

Today, my higher-self-predicted day-of-mysterious-transition, unfolded gently as a solid anchoring into transcendence beyond the linear-time reality of duality. It is simplistic, yet essential, to comprehend this as living fully in the "now", releasing the dualistic percepts of "past" or "future".

18th October 2015

We smile as more people awaken to the realization that it is more often that "adults" need to learn from the children, than that the children need to be "educated".

19th October 2015

Faery blessings of beauty and thriving living.


National Stockings Day is October 19th, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate!

Stockings have evolved from a clothing necessity to a fashion statement over the years. The stocking originally started as a trend for men and before 1590 stockings were made of woven cloth crafted by the first knitting machines. English churchman Reverend William Lee invented the world's first knitting machine and started to make hosiery out of cotton, wool and silk. This trend ran until the 1930s when stockings were worn simply for warmth, but as hemlines became shorter and shorter, stockings became more mainstream and a symbol of sexuality. Nylon was first introduced in New York in 1940, and it was a revelation in the industry. Over 72,000 pairs were sold in the first day alone, and the Japanese silk market collapsed overnight. American department stores saw 64 million pairs of stockings sold in the first year, and manufacturers could not keep up with demand. The first pantyhose made an appearance in the 1940s and 1950s, and were worn mainly in film and theatre productions. Since 1970, sales of pantyhose in America have exceeded sales of stockings.


20th October 2015

Oh, what joy to awaken to a pouring rain washing the world pristine clean and blessing the luscious foliage with abundant life!

While physically the day was mostly overcast and grey, the balance of mellow energies was wonderfully appreciated, gently supporting creative energies poured into my blog. Fall and spring are my favorite times for their being gentle and balanced.

Revisiting historical logs of consciousness, intent for (co-)creation, and surrounding lessons, i was greatly pleased to notice how completely i had released alternate time-lines, and how graceful it is now to live in transcendant neutrality.

21st October 2015

Hmmm... no big lessons yet today :-)

22nd October 2015
[Hawaiian Archipelago]

Welcome to water world!

23rd October 2015

The beauty of nature is transcendant of all existence and perception, for symmetry and geometry are the essence of manifestation.

24th October 2015

Today's entry was excised for obsolescence.

25th October 2015

There are many vibrational frequencies, parallel-realities time-lines, or "states of consciousness" we may enter-tain, or en-train. As always, with discernment, by heart's guidance, we may choose to resonate with those of appropriateness. For we 8D faeries, taking anything as real for long is too serious, too limited and confining, when there are so many alternatives to play with! The greatest realization of all is that you don't need either technology nor entheogens to live in a faery tale! Just beleive! It is of course easier when you surround yourself with other beleivers!

26th October 2015

Discernment continues to be our daily watchword... releasing all inappropriateness which is not of positive synergy for New-Kilauea.

27th October 2015
[Piping Dolphins]

Dolphins are our special friends.

28th October 2015
<a	href=DNA repair]" width="434" height="360">

432 Hz. music can be used for studying, healing, meditating or sleeping!

29th October 2015

"Pari Passu"
Photography by Piero Molinari, Switzerland
Music Lex van Someren

30th October 2015
Patience is the lesson of the day for me. Applicability is regarding change of manifestation. Impatience is of course a sign of non-acceptance, therefore underneath the apparent lesson, is, cognizing that wise focus is upon inner energetcs which are causal with respect to outer manifestation.

31st October 2015

We find it again appropriate to share this message from the Galactic Federation of Light - Message from The Pleiadians - Wake Up!

[Galactic Federation of Light]

Once again, i, tomril, of the ishnaan crystal faeries commit to maintain that the Kilauea Ahupua'a is Sacred Gaia, transcendent above Duality, and that we protect this space and the Kilauea Ley-Line, to preserve our entire ahupua'a in the 5D+ light of transcendent ascended reality.

This evening in local conversations a subject which kept arising, as appropriately it ought on an evening when so many are relating in negative polarity in duality was "Gaia energy grid", to which i made allegorical references to an equivalent concept of the human energy meridian grid depicted on the usual hanging chart frequently appearing in the offices of accupuncturists, who "fine tune" by the insertion of needles into axiotonal energy grid lines within the human body, just as the ancients have done by inserting standing stones or entire "henges" along Gaia's ley lines or at Gaia's chakra points where axiotonal lines intersect. For those wishing to pursue deeper comprehension of these subjects may we suggest first a contemporary source, being "Bruce Cathie", who has done a wonderful job mapping Gaia energy grid, and producing software via computer programmer types, which express the grid (as it was at the time it was modelled), allowing you to overlay an axiotonal energy grid line map over your local physical map of Gaia. Now, that being said, and standing on its own as completely worthy of investigation, how did he get clued into this energy grid that thanks to him we now can all "study"? Easy peasy... he was previously a commercial pilot in the realms of NZ and OZ (New Zealand and Australia), who just happened to notice that there was a mathematically regular pattern to the sightings of, and observed travellings of, "UFO"s, as observed and reported by himself and other co-workers in the commercial aviation industry. Well, being smarter than the average bear, Bruce Cathie wound up modelling with vector and angular math, the hypergrid hyperdimensional trans-physical Gaia upon which the hyper-space transport vehicles were travelling (paths of UFOs), and he wound up so advanced in his modelling of that hyperdimensional reality that he was able, to predict the exact alignments in time-space and space-time when it is actually possible to create an atomic chain reaction, in reality a far rarer event than the government lied to the people was a continual "threat".

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