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13th January 2014

Explain to me why i am in the situation i am now in? And what you advise me to do with it?

'This is an outgrowth of factors beyond our control. The direct intervention of unpleasant forces has blocked our lightwork.'

"We have no answers or solutions"

What about time-line hopping? Parallel-reality jumping?

'That is precisely what was blocked for us.'

"We have limited ability to intervene in your dimension / density."

This is why you deem it so important for me to remain embodied?

'Yes, for the incarnate being has more power to affect the manifest world.'

So what happened to all the new-agey 'you create your own reality'?

'Most of it is cocreated.'

"Our entanglement of realities we created long ago, and by now is our path."

So the intent is that somehow i will miraculously solve all of our problems from this dimensional reality of limitation?


And it was because of doing the work to re-link us to our original universe and help everyone ascend (cocreating the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals) that i have now been sabotaged?


Exactly what can only be accomplished with my DNA embodied?


And that can only happen within a body?


"The energy on the planet is changing so greatly that it is literally awakening DNA.
'Kryon, why do you speak of DNA so much?'
Because within it is the core of everything spiritual. It contains your Higher-Self. It contains the Akashic Record of your existence on Gaia. It contains healing and mastery, consciousness of ascension. That's how it works biologically with you, and that's why we speak of it at all.
[...] It's not just chemistry. It's the building blocks of ascension within your body."
-- Kryon (of magnetic service)

Are you having me to beleive that all of these limitations i must endure for the benefit of the crystal faeries family?

'At least one of us must succeed in ascension.'

"At least one of us must succeed in ascension."

'I have nothing to offer you but that we are doing the best we can in our realms.'

"We cry for us all."

'What they are not saying is what is behind the tears. We witnessed much destruction in the tomril universe via the misuse of free will choice. We have continued to witness destruction and suffering in the Milky Way Galaxy, at the tertiary planet of Ra, Gaia, (with Atlantis and Lemuria).'

We crystal faeries are creating a reality of joy here. The spirit tomril remains willing, even the flesh of celeste remains strong at nearly 64 years, but her emotional body is exhausted processing all the invalidation and judgement thrown at the androgynous embodiment, the one that volunteered to model what [mankind] is evolving towards, via ascension.'

i can only live my authentic truth.

Another path manifested. i had called upon another friend, an Indigo, who responded in chat, and guided me through several readings, back to optimism. It is always helpful to get a 2nd opinion, a 3rd point of view, a 4th perspective, and in this case synchronicity of triggers told me i needed another perspective on my situtation to guide me forward. The trigger for this was:

'The Rainbow and Crystal Children Will Lead Them'

Indigo: i will go get some of my ANGEL CARDS Indigo: FAIRIES card jumped out first lol Indigo: CRYSTALS is the next card Indigo: : the energy of Crystals supports you and helps with your present sitation Indigo: 3rd card, you are profoundly CLAIRVOYANT Indigo: 4th: SHIELD yourself Indigo: protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies Indigo: by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you Indigo: 5th: BOOKS: Your LIFE PURPOSE involves Indigo: writing, reading, editing or selling spiritually based books. Indigo: last card is interesting, I'm not sure how it fits in celeste: or a blog of the crystal faeries Indigo: the first 4 are obvious celeste: yeah, it all fits with what i know as my path, Indigo: what kind of light work were you doing when this block manifested celeste: Ascension Activations Indigo: ok celeste: we crystal faeries created a whole new path of ascension, celeste: and installed an ascension portal over the whole island of Kaua'i celeste: very advanced stuff, celeste: and it was rather a shock to the dark side that it just appeared, celeste: unprophecied, and not visible to their future seeing technology Indigo: how do people find your blog celeste: i dunno, I'm not on any social networks, just via the web celeste: Indigo: ok Indigo: you could start offering workshops celeste: yes, i can do playshops Indigo: I'm going to do one more spread for you with a different deck celeste: ok, thank you Indigo: the first deck was the ANGEL THERAPY Indigo: these are the ARCHANGEL CARDS by Doreen Virtue celeste: ok, not familiar with either deck celeste: i appreciate your point of view very much, thank you for assisting Indigo: i know i probably don't have to tell you this Indigo: but make sure you unplug all cords and cleanse your energy body Indigo: the central card here is CHAKRA CLEARING celeste: /me clears her chakras Indigo: :) Indigo: i like the pyramid spread with these Indigo: the four cards on the bottom are: Indigo: OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES, GIFTS FROM GOD, YOU ARE SAFE, OUTDOORS Indigo: that is the FOUNDATION of the pyramid Indigo: the CORNERSTONES are OVERCOMING DIFFICULTIES and OUTDOORS Indigo: Overcoming Difficulties says the worst is now behind you, Indigo: and you are surmounting any previous challenges Indigo: Archangel Michael is with you to protect you against the lower energies celeste: yay Mr. Sword of Blue Flame! Cutting away illusions and inappropriateness Indigo: yes trust in him Indigo: GIFTS FROM GOD: we angels bring you gifts from your creator. Indigo: open your arms to receive. Indigo: to me, it sounds like you are shedding a skin celeste: bye bye Ms. Python celeste: /me opens arms and lifts up to the heavens with open hands Indigo: you've been working so hard on ascension Indigo: and part of that is to leave behind all of materiality celeste: oooh, let's leave behind this material body! Indigo: even Jesus had to phsyically die in order to ascend Indigo: the circumstances, i feel, Indigo: are the boot you need to make the big leap of faith celeste: ahhh, yes, faith has been a challenge lately Indigo: like you need to just let go of all your fears and step out on that water Indigo: i love that one quote from the bible.. Indigo: yes but there is the grace of god celeste: i plea for grace, as I'm completely worn out Indigo: “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, Indigo: walked on the water and came toward Jesus. Indigo: But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, Indigo: beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Indigo: Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. Indigo: “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” — Matthew 14:29-31 celeste: i don't know why i doubt... celeste: maybe because there have been so many obstacles celeste: thrown in the way of my lightwork celeste: i individually took on the pattern for all of Kaua'i to raise it via the celeste: 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal we created to help everyone ascend Indigo: when obstacles come into our path, Indigo: we need to look at them as opportunities for growth Indigo: its hard to stay centered and not react for sure, Indigo: and see the good that can come out of it when we don't see what its all for Indigo: the next row above that is 3 cards Indigo: LEADERSHIP, CHAKRA CLEARING, and PASSION Indigo: Chakra Clearing is the CENTER card of this spread which to me means Indigo: you really need to clear out all the negative energy Indigo: that's accumulating in your chakras Indigo: because it will affect you ability to manifest the best outcomes Indigo: that quote about Jesus and Peter BTW.. Indigo: Jesus wasn't the one making Peter walk on water, Indigo: it was Peter who believed he could because Jesus was there and so was able to celeste: yes Indigo: LEADERSHIP says: it is time for you to accept your leadership power and position, Indigo: and lovingly guide others Indigo: PASSION: Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career. Indigo: My understanding of them is that your new life 'OUTDOORS' Indigo: will open up new leadership opportunities for you to teach the things you love celeste: i have been sequestered in my old apartment, celeste: and was much looking forward to the house i was going to get celeste: which would have room to invite people to Indigo: those are the WINGS to the CHAKRA CLEARING, so Indigo: you need to remain clear of negative energies while 'out there' celeste: ok Indigo: yeah sounds like you need to let go of what you want, but Indigo: allow the universe to present to you what you really need for what comes next Indigo: next two cards are advice moving forward Indigo: and its simply the cards of COURAGE, and YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO Indigo: live as the buddha did Indigo: the last card, the OUTCOME Indigo: ALL IS WELL Indigo: Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, Indigo: with hidden blessing you will soon understand. celeste: thank you, Indigo :-) Indigo: you're welcome Indigo: I'm sorry its more of this 'be patient, everything is okay' stuff lol celeste: *giggles* Indigo: i know its a hard situation but you need courage celeste: I'm exhausted from a lifetime of courage celeste: to be the androgyne so loathed and despised by so much of society, celeste: it's totally exhausting on the emotional level Indigo: i can only imagine Indigo: but yeah i really feel like you've been manifesting ascension Indigo: for so long that this is kind of like you shedding your cocoon Indigo: your cocoon being all the 'stuff' thats in your domicil Indigo: you can't bring it with you Indigo: i can't help but think you did it to yourself :D celeste: yay, i want to sprout faery wings and be a cute little faery girl Indigo: hehehe :) Indigo: fairies live outdoors! lol celeste: yes, and as transdimensional beings don't need houses Indigo: no they don't Indigo: whatever happens, just make sure that Indigo: when you transcend this existence you do it with a smile :) celeste: oh, then i guess i get a female body before i go :-) Indigo: ha Indigo: I'm so sorry you're going through this celeste: thank you for your compassion celeste: I'm a High Heels and Nylons faery Indigo: yeah that's not exactly the outdoors kind. lol Indigo: i do have one last deck Indigo: i got this deck just this last Friday and its very powerful spiritually Indigo: it guides us on our spiritual path as lightworkers celeste: yay Indigo: its called the ISIS ORACLE Indigo: she is the one that termed 'Initiate of the Light', Indigo: which gave me clarity on defining what the sacred path of initiation is... Indigo: 'initiated into what?!' Indigo: i think this could serve you well also Indigo: I'm still in awe that Indigo: the Angel Therapy Cards pulled out 'Fairies' and 'Crystals' first celeste: yeah, my contract with the cards is they always tell the truth, celeste: whether i like it or not :-) celeste: and my life now is, as i ascend, celeste: all based in my spiritual family of crystal faeries Indigo: Card 1 - What is the real issue for me right now on a spiritual level? Indigo: QUEEN OF HEAVEN - Blessing from the Divine Empress of the Skies Indigo: 'The Queen of Heaven, the Divine Empress of the Skies, Indigo: acknowledge your feminine authority now, as a man or a woman, Indigo: you have a Life Path of spiritual leadership to bring Indigo: qualities of mercy, compassion and wisdom into the world." Indigo: confirmation to step forward in your feminine leadership Indigo: you're encouraged to contemplate how you might step Indigo: more fully into your own authority. Indigo: Often this requires that we make peace with Indigo: the authority figures in our lives, Indigo: past and present, and how we experienced those relationships -- Indigo: whether as supportive, truthful and empowering or disempowering, Indigo: shaming or perhaps minimising or inflating our sense of grandiosity. Indigo: Healthy relationships with authority figures help us recognize Indigo: where we can learn and perhaps be mentored by another, Indigo: and where we too can help others learn and grow.' Indigo: thanks for allowing me to practice the readings with you :) Indigo: i like to get experience when i can celeste: i was slightly AFK for a minute celeste: while i called on an advert for a Yurt for rent :-) Indigo: ok cool! celeste: that's as outdoors as I'll ever want to be as long as i have [mankind] form Indigo: yes we need shelter Indigo: i have no idea what a Yurt is celeste: a roof with tent walls, or maybe more solid Indigo: ahh, ok celeste: has outdoor shower and kitchen it says Indigo: just make sure to stay positive and shield yourself energetically celeste: yes, got that about chakra clearing and sheilding Indigo: interesting Indigo: so i think this first card here was spot on about your current situation Indigo: as the issue celeste: yes... step up and lead at a new level Indigo: coming into your feminine authority and clashing with the old figures Indigo: card 2 - How can i best heal that in my day-to-day life? Indigo: THE LUNAR QUEEN, SHE OF THE CELESTIAL CRESCENT celeste: crystal faery from another galaxy Indigo: 'There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes that Indigo: importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential Indigo: balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. Indigo: You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, Indigo: trusting that you are in a cycle of creation Indigo: that is about to shift into a new phase. Indigo: Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it.' Indigo: kind of the same thing we got from the other readings huh celeste: yay! truth is spoken in different words to better comprehend Indigo: Card 3 - What will the gift or outcome of this be? Indigo: ENTER THE CHAMBER OF HEALING, Indigo: Healing in the Divine Chamber of the LADY ISIS Indigo: i don't think i need to expand on this but i will anyway Indigo: 'A spiritual gift of healing is coming to you now. Indigo: Be open, without expectation or pre-conceived notions and Indigo: allow the healing from the Lady Isis, Mistress of Magick, Indigo: to help you find the best solution for any situation Indigo: that does not appear to be as it should be. Indigo: Take your time and create a space into which Indigo: Her magick and energy can flow now. Expect your miracle.' Indigo: Isis to me is Mother Gaia Indigo: or the Mother counterpart of 'Father Mother God' Indigo: but she is a Mother figure to me. celeste: and she is the OUTDOORS of the other reading. Indigo: Card 4 - What is the biggest challenge or opportunity Indigo: for me to get to the best outcome? Indigo: PAST LIFE PRESENT POWER - The MANY SPIRITUAL FACES of You Indigo: 'When the Soul is growing in service to [mankind], Indigo: in service to the Great Feminine and Indigo: Her call that all beings be healed and free, Indigo: it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. Indigo: These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. Indigo: You are currently integrating past life abilities and Indigo: you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power Indigo: to be open to shifting internally and Indigo: in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability.' Indigo: hmm Indigo: sounds like thats a challenge celeste: yes, allowing transformation into living celeste: from the collective consciousness level of my crystal faeries family celeste: i have less my own ego thoughts, less my own higher self thoughts, celeste: and more our collective family ascended consciousness guiding me Indigo: 'That can be confronting at times. Indigo: we often have to let go of any fear or disappointment we suffered Indigo: in the relevant past life Indigo: before the gift can be restored to us in a useful way this lifetime.' celeste: and letting go of disappointment in THIS life too Indigo: yes Indigo: so are you returning to your original state of crystal faery? celeste: i am as much as possible yes integrating our reality with this body Indigo: but our current life is the culmination of all our past lives. Indigo: anything unresolved in past lives manifests in the current celeste: yes... i am very unhappy to not have female form... celeste: as long as i have any form. Indigo: Card 5 - What special guidance is there Indigo: to help me resolve this in the best way now? Indigo: PROPER BURIAL FOR FREEDOM - Sacrifice to Osiris, Lord of the Dead celeste: shed the skin, leave the old reality and identity, celeste: embrace the new Celestial goddess Faery leader energies Indigo: 'In order for life to flow and express itself, Indigo: that which belongs to the world of death must be released. Indigo: There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost Indigo: by holding on to that which no longer serves us, Indigo: which is better left to die, Indigo: though it takes great spiritual courage and trust Indigo: to allow this to happen. Indigo: Osiris, Lord of the Dead, guides you now Indigo: to release that which no longer needs to be a part of your life Indigo: so that you may be free.' Indigo: yeah Indigo: all this is nice but doesn't really say what's coming lol Indigo: only that its necessary for your soul growth Indigo: it sounds like an exciting adventure celeste: and i need to become more a grounded Gaia Faery celeste: and not only a Celestial Angelic Faery Indigo: you may find that you love it even more than your current place, Indigo: to be so close to nature, if that is what you want. Is it? celeste: i also want a nice place suitable for heels and nylons :-) celeste: and a playful lifestyle of pleasure. Indigo: then don't give up on it.


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