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20th May 2014

i am completely exhausted. Sleep? Who needs sleep? Kitty Misty was a real terror this morning, jumping up on, or climbing, everything and anything... this fae girl awoke tired, and still is only half awake even drinking Yerba Mate... sigh... i will be very glad when i complete the rebuilds, updates, upgrades, installs, and configurations of my computers, and finally get my data all synchronized again, and backed-up.

'Rather than preprocessing all the issues and reactions, just stay transcendent and in the flow.'

"Release any attachment to any outcome. Release all responsibility for others. It is not your job to get them to any outcome. If they are not willing to be(come) responsible, then they must experience the consequences."

Sovereignty is the reality of who we truly are as spirits... absolutely free (while karmicly accountable).

Everyone has the sovereign spiritual power to choose if they make any allegiance, and if so, with whom, and to what. No matter how many allegiances one chooses to make, with no matter how many or which other entities, neither the individual nor the group, has the right to impose the contracts they've made with each other upon those who have not voluntarily joined their contract. That means one can't impose one's contract upon others without harming them in the process. One cannot damage another entity or their property without owing them a karmic compensation, often measured in money, sometimes in performance, but until such time as one does damage another or their property, no debt of money or performance is owed.

In sovereignty, you are the only creator of your reality. The power of free will choice is within you.

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