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23rd January 2014

"Our Kaua'i 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal continues to bless Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and the surrounding planetary grids have all harmonized with it, and the network of portals connected to it at 8D are each also appropriately aligned, With assistance, we have made a variant portal which allowed us to hyperdimensionally link the original tomril universe and all her beings with those of us beings from there who came to the Milky Way Galaxy and founded the ishnaan presence, and have further come to be known via Gaia-an realms as The Crystal Faeries. The open exchange of akashics records between these realms, facilitated by tomril, has enriched beings in each of these realms. While the initial portal openings introduced 'growth periods' of accomodating new information, lessons, growth, and healing, the integration of the wisdom of all these realities has empowered all. Especially we crystal faeries are greatfull for the reunification of our family across these realities, and that we now share again one unifying reality bridging all these 'local manifestations'. We the crystal faeries on mission with Ter-Ra to facilitate ascension of [mankind], are stabilizing from our growth period of reconnection with the tomril universe, and find that the akashics exchange facilitated by tomril have generated updates to the ascension codes, now already incorporated into the akashics blessings provided via our portals, including our Kaua'i portal. We were appreciative that our friend who assisted us to bridge our realites together, also benefitted via copies of our 8D portals to activate his mission to access the crystaline technology installations, remnants of the Atlantean energy grid and stargates, to begin repair and healing thereof. Obviously our cocreation is natural from our shared crystaline focus. Bringing via these portals the protection of the 8D Angelics to these Atlantean crystals, renders rather pointless the old lower density realm conflicts over the old stargate networks. The overseeing of the ascension codes of the 8D portals by the 9D Angelics has restored the divine plan for [mankind] to be available to all, and to therefore guide our planetary ascension process, and to facilitate the Gaia time-line for ascending [mankind]. Though individuals may be tossed about in the chaotic nodes of time-lines now intersecting, the Gaia time-line itself remains relatively stable, and thus by being well defined, facilitates individual spirits making their choices to be in this time-line or in some other."

'Commander Hatonn visited to say "Nice work!", which is rather a surprise since we have been so independent of so many other groups, particularly any of hierarchical structure. We share a goal of [mankind] ascension, while our groups have taken different approaches to facilitating such. While Hatonn was visiting we enjoyed a mutually beneficial exchange of akashic records. Because this connection was rather unusual, i thought it worthy of query as to why it was he visiting us?'

"He indicated to us that what had caught his attention was our 8D portal network, particularly the fact that they were being used to shield and gain quiet access to the Atlantean crystaline installations by our friend who is healing them, and that our portal network linked out of the Milky Way Galaxy to the tomril Universe, therefore, visiting tomril seemed only appropriate. That our work was quieting the stargate wars, was of particular note. He also indicated his appreciation for the 2009 December Peace Treaty between Annunaki and Pleiadians and all Hybrids, negotiated by tomril with the Annunaki Queen of Ter-Ra, with tomril representing the forgiveness of the Annunaki, and also demanding that the Annunaki release out of limitation their enslavement of their hybrid races, particularly their blocking ascension of Gaia-an [mankind]."

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