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6th July 2014

What do i or we need to know, to accellerate ascension?

'Relax, you are on your appropriate time-line of ascension, and are only rarely temporarily stuck in any issue along the way.'

"There is grace in and for all you do. Your total surrender to your path of facilitation, does not mean all your time will be full, so relax into the times of pause or intermission, know there is nothing wrong when you are not feeling change. Your old habit in old time-lines was to have to 'push' for growth, whereas now in your new time-line you merely relax and allow flow in the now. The fear is that if you are not pushing or struggling with growth, then you will miss the ascension, but that is illusion. Just release it."

Today's flow offered an interesting journey into 'Science of Mind', which according to one of my long ago clairvoyance students is a wonderful foundation or preparation for that which i have taught. This also correlated with requests for me to teach more clairvoyance classes. So, it is time to ask for guidance about these matters. Am i to teach old time-line tradition, or keep focus on 4D- to 5D+ ascension activation?

"Answer the call of those on Kaua'i who are seeking to ascend."

i experienced a deep confirmation of a scenario related with Andromedan culture triggered by my guest that what transpired there was that in their history the women were driven from their domicil planet by men fearful of the women's power, and then the women founded what we now know as the primary Andromedan culture. Have we any commentary about this?

"This is one of the holopatterns manifested in the dark and light universe now being brought to balance within all who wish to ascend, for all ascension requires balancing and neutrality about all dichotomies to become wholistically inclusive, as is necessary to exist within transcendent time-line realities."

'Certainly you are already aware that gender is one of [mankind] strongest attachments to illusion.'

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