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15th July 2014

The Goddess is afoot, and magick is alive. In the plant world, the blossoming of a flower is a beauty to behold. In the animal world, the emergence of a butterfly from her cocoon is the fruit of transformation. In the world of the goddess, a woman claiming her divinity, the emergence of the high priestess, is living magick. In my faery world of spiritual awakening, i am blessed to provide sanctuary for an emerging high priestess. i am so happy whenever another goddess emerges from her cocoon of pretending to be "merely [mankind]". Kaua'i is a goddess island, the healing venue of so many goddess emergences, magick i so love to facilitate. When a goddess can feel safe to be authentically herself, to be divine and magickal, to be the expression of the divine feminine alive, it is such a miracle. i celebrate once again, the joy of mystery, the fun and play of spirit, that Magick is alive. This is the power of giving love.

'Our dear Andromedan Faery Princess is indeed blossoming beautifully.'

"The convergence and cocreation between the spiritual family of our Andromedan Princess and our crystal faeries family is indeed a beautiful synergy, now greatly facilitated by the new quantum level of connection via the growing network of 8D portals. We have upated the akashics templates available via our portals to share the newly available blessings contributed by our Andromedan sisters, who have volunteered to co-caretake our Kaua'ian ascension prototype."

'This is indeed cause for great celebration.'

i was about to close this mornings channelling with great joy, when there was a "knock-knock" on my crown chakra, from our cetacean friends, who just contributed from their akashics a template of ancient wisdom, (which even predates the Lemurian consciousness grid of Lemuria), which just linked-in their subspace network with our 8D ishnaa / Andromeda portal network. Mmmm... this fae girl is going to close this posting for now, so she can close her physical eyes and project through her 3rd eye to go exploring our now amazingly expanded portal network... laters :-)

As with the symbolism of a row of dominoes standing on end, once you knock one over each knocks over the next one, a chain of awareness has just been unlocked for me in dreamtime. Soon after awakening i was inspired to play my flute along with listening to Bruce Mitchell's Celtic Compilation, and had chills all up my spine as Hathorian frequencies came through on the carrier waves of my flute tones, as i have in the last month been initiated to do by the Hathors. Soon thereafter i was blessed with the gift of a beautiful necklace carrying both a crystal and a faery, by my guest, the Andromedan Faery Princess. The crystal carried more akashics information which triggered more chills along my spine, and a tender awareness, with many tears, of a deep knowing of who we are, and what we are doing here, as she and i mirror our roles as high priestesses. And so today is a powerful initiation, a quantum leap, for both of us, a major fulfillment of why we have been brought together, guided to cocreate, to support each other in blossoming our priestesshood. i already blogged above about the amazing results in quantum leaping our 8D portal network, and how the Cetaceans then joined their galactic portal network with the portal network as expanded by the ishnaa / Andromeda alliance she and i had just cocreated, now a combined Andromeda Cetus ishnaa portal network. This is a huge galactic healing of epic and mythological proportions.

celeste applies YLO "Magnify Your Purpose" oil blend to bless her channelling of this higher realm information now, and "Kiss" essence while listenting to Kate Bush's "Sensual World". This is indeed a day of high priestess faery magick. Just checking... let's pull a card from "The Secret Dakini Oracle" deck:
37 Fire of Sacrifice: Consciousness through sacrifice, Commitment, Deliberate act of self-sacrifice. Development of faith through action.
This is indeed the essence of the rebirth happening today. It is the sacrifice of the ego in the fire of Kundalini, to burn away all the false self, leaving only the pure essence of one's authentic soul, awake with the knowing of one's spiritual ancestry and origins, and even the burning away of that history to be liberated from the past, to be completely free in the moment to be anything now. This is a stargate to infinite possibilities.
it is finally time to leave behind the trauma and fear of Ea-Rth's burning times, and in the case of our Andromedan Princess, time to leave behind the persecution of having been driven out of one's own domicil, for standing in one's own spiritual power.
No more shall the goddess be scarificed on the altar of men's fear of her. The divine feminine is mystery, unknowable, and absolutely uncontrollable, and she cannot be possessed, not through bondage and not through marriage.
On the 'aina of Kaua'i, this shall be a place of freedom and safety for all goddesses, So mote it be, and so it is.
-- i Am
The combined Andromedan Cetacean ishnaan star families have declared this to be the ascension portal for, and prototype manifestation of, 5D New-Gaia. Kaua'i's sovereign space is sacred goddess space.

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