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11th January 2014

"We suggest that the energy du jour is 'release'. There is a version of this about releasing one's belief in limitation, about the future, about what's coming, about how well one is supported, about one's incoming preferred time-line manifesting miraculously. There is a version of this about releasing one's attachments to one's outgoing obsolete or inappropriate time-line and reality, including old relationships, one's old self-relationship, and one's self identity. Forgive, release, bless, and move forward. Leave behind all pretense or performance of being any thing for any one. Embrace the authentic expression of one's soul essence freely living. Release the past without perfecting it. Trust the future without controlling it. Today's message is not new. Release is important as a response to all the triggering of self change brought about by the chaos of large and pervasive changes in progress. Release fear so that you may embrace love, and be embraced with and by love."

'The most deeply rooted and most strongly attached-to "role" which must be released to live a fully authentic life in soulful love, is one's "survial strategy". It is always based in a state of disempowerment and fear. It is developed at a very early age in life. It is so deeply "engrained" that many mistake it as a part of themself. It takes deep soul-searching to chose to release this false self identity, this false role. The anchor of attachment is the illusion that one cannot survive without playing the role. Certainly the role cannot survive without playing it. The true self cannot authentically express until false roles are released. Most of these are developed within the context of one's natal family, where the functionality of the group depends upon compensatory balancing dysfunctions. For anyone now adult, no longer dependent upon parents, even approaching spiritual sovereignty to live a divine life, to now play the role of no-role, to now authentically express in the flow of the moment one's own essence, one must release the survival strategy, and confront the ego-death of identification with that false "self".

Example survival strategy roles:'

'These childhood survival strategies may have become amplifed over the lifetime journey into adulthood and 'career', so that not only was one's position within family dependent upon playing the role, now one's adult income-stream to 'pay the bills' depends upon maintenance of that role. Fully releasing such a role / survival-strategy which is not appropriate now for one's authentic self, may even require a change of career, a divorce, a change of social status, etc. The 'faint of heart' will not even commence this journey, and thus will never truly live, or be fulfilled. One must release all that is not truly of one's authentic essence, one's own soul, one's soul truth, in order to live in joy. One must release all pretense to 'sanity' or 'social acceptability' to enter the crazy world of the faeries, who live authentically.'

"Our 8D ascension portals carry frequencies which support authentic self expression, as does 'Fae Play' essence."

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