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30th September 2013

Good morning, crystal faeries :-) What would you like to tell us today?
"There is a flow of allowance and calm today after all the energy work we did yesterday, in support of our strong message of preparation for 'shift'. As with all prophetic energies, it is often best interpreted in the sense 'here is where you are headed unless you change course', and there has already been a lot of lightwork done by many 'lightworkers' to ameliorate trauma and suffering while still supporting necessary lessons of shifting consciousness. This time period through 2015 of chaotic nodes in intersecting and parallel time-lines, is one of relatively easy reality shifting, yet we wish to remind you that we have begun the 'downhill' part of the intersection, by which we mean, moving forward in time through 2015 it will be ever more challenging to jump time-lines, taking more energy to do so, as we have passed the point of maximum convergance. The corresponding 'advice' then, is to be focussed upon the time-line you wish to remain with, as the time for either 'sitting on the fence' in a state of indecision, or 'dancing with the devil', (flirting with realities which you would not want to get stuck in 'permanently'), is running out. On an individual level, this is now manifesting in the strongest way with challenges of relationship."

"Aside from the astrological influences of the next half year which are very much bringing up all issues of duality and polarity around sex and gender within the individual, and on the collective level are very much triggering the societal imbalance of patriarchy to be examined and corrected, there may be seen a corrolary lesson, or necessary shift, in the relationship between the individual and their society. In many ways, due to immaturity of the collective of [mankind], there remains a child (individual) / parent (society) polarity which needs to be outgrown, not just that patriarchy (government as father surrogate and religion as mother surrogate) is beyond its appropriateness. This may be summarized as [mankind] approaching adulthood. It is not just that it went through matriarchy, and then patriarchy, it's not just about bringing the yin and yang into balance to have self governance now, it's time to outgrow the entire childhood consciousness, so we do not need to grow from patriarchy to having androgynous parent figures now, rather we need to see the condition of dependence and immaturity replaced with full adult self responsibility and accountability, i.e. it is time to come out of the awkward 'teenage' stage and embrace adulthood."

"As we consider todays concepts together, we may summarize them as it being important both as individuals and as a collective, to be committing to a time-line of sovereignty, self empowerment and self responsiblity as adult reality creators, cocreating in positive synergy, within a society founded upon the principle of prioritizing the good of all, wherein the individual is living from the inspiration of their own uniqueness to make their own unique contributions to the collective, rather than the past polarity of the individual seeking in irresponsiblity to get as much as possible from the collective society parent surrogate. This means in many ways that the predominant models of [mankind] relating, such as Democracy, Republic, Communism, Capitalism, Religionism have all become obsolete. All of those are built upon a foundational percept of imbalance. In true spirituality, balance is foundation. Balance within the individual. Balance within the society. Balance between the individual and their society. Balance between yin and yang. Balance between giving and receiving of energies. Balance within society between individuals rather than inequalities in race, religion, sex, gender, wealth, freedom, consciousness. When it is widely understood that our reality is holographic, that we are one, then we can no longer overlook the opression and slavery of some to benefit others, for we in full consciousness, feel it ourselves, we no longer perceive a separateness that 'i can benefit from their suffering'. When we come out of denial, unconsciousness, and separation, to a fully united consciousness, we can no longer ignore the inequities because we feel them directly, and then, we are impelled to serve the good of all, rather than the win / lose games we have seen historically."

"In this 'final hour' of [mankind] choice in the chaotic nodes of quantum access to alternate realities / time-lines, we can realize that there is no single 'outcome', no single 'reality', that all of us will share. The question to consider is, which time-line do you choose to make real for yourself? Do you want more experience of chaos and conflict in a win-lose reality? Or is it more appealing to you to contemplate your future being experience of loving inspired cocreation in a win-win paradigm? Do you wish to remain an innocent ignorant dependent child in the walled garden of others who weild power? or are you ready to be the creator god(dess) incarnate, yourself? Do you prefer a world of imbalance or one of graceful easy flow? Choose your preferred time-line, wisely, for as we move ahead into the future, your choice is rapidly becoming one you will live with for quite a while. Thus, the final concept we wish to trigger for today's 'lesson' is this: It is important now to see yourself in the perspective of a transcendent being, for the choices you make now will impact your eternal spirit, not just this embodiment. Therefore, be wise in choosing long-term transcendent values, not just what is comfortable, easy, or pleasurable in the short term. It is time to awaken to who you truly are as an eternal spirit, not to remain asleep in a body thinking the goal is to take as much as you can before your body dies. What would you like to be remembering in the future as your past experience? Todays choices create tomorrows memories. Energy flows where attention goes, so what are you focussed upon today?"

For myself, I'm visualizing a beautiful and magickal faery garden world of love and light. We are so united with nature that what we love to eat grows in response to our desire. We crystal faeries flit about on beautiful wings, and play and giggle, with lots of hugs and kisses. We call our magickal island Kaua'i. It is said of us that our magick and aloha are infectious. Those who visit our island become transformed by our faery magick, and carry aloha in their hearts everywhere they travel.

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