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29th September 2013

"We have a list for you so let's get started."
OK, what's your list about?
"We want to provide some context for what we see coming in a near time-line for changes in the Kaua'i [energy] grid. There shall be a shift of consciousness in a few weeks regarding the governmental and political realities particularly as has to do with the alignment so many people have had regarding their perceived 'citizenship' in the distant and foreign land of the District of Columbia. There shall be an event of such magnitude that finally many shall begin to question their choice to maintain that allegiance. We are suggesting that this shall be an opportunity for people to instead reconsider, and look at each other in a stunned eye-blinking sense of disbelief, and then seriously consider that perhaps what is real for them is their actual relationship with their neighbors rather than their mental illusions that they are a member of some foreign corpse-oration. This shall be a shocking awakening for many, but quite overdue."

"There are sadly likely to be a series of events manifest in a manner which shall impact life even here so far away. There shall be about 7 months of cascade effects overall, but we can only provide an overall scenario given the probabilities. The primary effect shall be one of starvation, by which we do yes mean there may be shortages of food, but also of other supplies you have traditionally expected to be available. Also there shall be a starvation of truth, and thus great speculation, as communications shall be lacking, or what little communications there may be may be very, shall we say 'controlled' to a purpose. This shall of course, be orchestrated to make everyone turn in need to their government, but many shall be awakening to realize that, especially on such an isolated and local level, you are your government, and, more so, you are the people, and practicing aloha with your neighbors is far more important than any other concept your mind can be 'governed' to accept 'as truth'."

"This event is in many ways going to be no surprise to those of you who have, for a long time now, seen the truth of the operational games of the cabal of control. For many it is going to be a huge wake-up call. For Kaua'i it shall be the awakening to just how much you have allowed your reality to be defined and controlled by corpse-orations which are serving inimicable purposes, and which treat you, despite your geographical separateness, as a very closely held part of their game. This then is likely to be a 'wake up call' for Kaua'ians to begin to come together as people working together locally to create anew your own local reality, and to abandon many and much of the corporate 'solutions' you've lazily allowed to be forced upon you, especially due to that ongoing perception, of being members of the corporate cabal."

"We would like to remind you that you are ultimately the creators of your own reality. Because [mankind] have grown lazy in creating their reality, and have allowed themselves like sheep to go along with the herd, and the herd has gone along with the corporate interests, this may be an opportunity to 'wake up' out of the mindless following, 'take stock', and as individuals then make the choice to 'recreate locally' a neighborly reality of truth. The shocking realization is that all the mental fictions are not serving you, by which, we mean all the fictional illusions which exist only in your minds, the things of no substance, no life force, no heart, and no soul... the illusions of corpse-orations'."

"Because a crisis such as this is created at the level of the 'large controllers', not even your 'local controllers' are going to be able to help you, for they are merely puppets and local figureheads of the corporate fictions of vast scale, and you the people shall finally have a huge opportunity to 'get it' that the only thing which is real, and the only thing which shall work for you, is your local relationship with the other living, breathing, beating-heart living beings of your own little island... and how you interact with them... that is real, that has life, that has value, and none of your funny green paper shall mean anything compared to that. All the digital bits you can accumulate in some computer far away shall mean nothing to you, and none of the green paper in your purse, shall alter your reality, when it comes to 'what is for dinner?', or 'how is my relationship with my neighbors?'."

"This is a wonderful opportunity to have your world turned upside down. Most of you have had experience with the mental illusion perception of a 'power structure' of pyramidal shape, as is expressed via the corpse-orations. When you find that none of that structure is real or useful anymore, then you shall see that the true leaders are not the clowns at the top of the pyramid, but those of your neighbors, the 'little people' who have heart, who have mind, and who 'give a damn', and have motivation to lead at the very smallest of levels, where leadership then expresses itself within the range of hearing a [mankind] voice, saying, 'come, gather around, let us organize a shared activity in our common interest!'"

"While it could be or have already been a smoother transition for the people of Kaua'i, it is too much the lazy 'going with the herd' mentality that then forces the herd to have to experience a 'crisis' before it shall change, to perceive a threat to all before the herd shall 'startle' and run for the hills. This time of lazy grazing shall be disrupted. In this crisis is the opportunity to change one's mind map of reality, and as individuals change their perceptions and values, the social structure may also be remapped to become based upon the new values which must emerge."

"While we have been facilitating and shall continue to facilitate the energy field of Kaua'i as being of higher consciousness than much of the planets' range now, that field of potential, that predisposition to higher consciousness, even the 'high mindedness' of your community's self assessment that 'we are an enlightened community' shall be put to the test in daily living, to apply that 'aloha' in a practical way, to make all your choices in every way in that shared sense of 'ohana', to recognize your shared truth and reality."

"The question of 'civil disobedience' shall become forefront for everyone. Each individual is going to be challenged to consider within themselves, whether they are ready to live the truth of aloha they feel in their own heart, or whether to allow their choices to be made in their minds, which have been well conditioned by the mind governers, the governors of mental reality, the 'government', and people shall have to awaken from their automatic mental conditioned response of blind obedience to sheer insanity, and instead face the scary individual crisis of, as individuals, taking a stand for their hearts against the mind control inputs that shall be active."

"The Kaua'i version of this is likely to be both stronger of heart, and more peaceful due to aloha, than the equivalent versions manifest elsewhere. Obviously this would not be manifesting on your planet unless the hypnotic trance was so deep that only this level of event could trigger a shift of reality. The question then, is how big a crisis do you as an island need to experience, to shake you out of your hypnotic trance dance of mind control by foreign powers? We shall pull in a reference from the 'How' webpage here:" -- the crystal faeries

You mentioned a list, so I'm preparing to keep channelling a while here, and am taking a quick break to start tea. OK, back with the crystal faeries collective consciousness, but before proceeding, i do recommend reading that article first. -- celeste:crystalfaery

"There is only one opportunity to 'jump time-lines' or quantum leap realities, and that is now.... and now... and now. There is always the divine power within each of us in this moment to choose what is real for us. This is, yes, something which can be exercised, and most often has been, as a perception of perspective, a choice of how to receive that which appears to be external to 'us'. But even more so, and now being called to the forefront of our living experience, it is also always an opportunity to, in this moment, 'be the creator'. This is ultimately the whole purpose of this soul school of Gaia. We each have the opportunity to come out of our limitations and 'step up' to be the creator, incarnate. We may hesitantly approach this in small steps, or we may make a full quantum leap to claiming the whole thing. Ultimately, this is our destiny, and the point of all the experiences we are creating, whether or not we are 'owning' all of this as our own creation. This then is the big key we now address... that we already are the creators, but in denial. It is time to come out of denial, and just 'be' the creator. We laid the 'groundwork' for this in yesterday's channelling, addressing 'accountability'."

"There is an opportunity here for a miraculous shift of reality, a real quantum leap for Kaua'i. This is why we have committed to shepherding the consciousness energy grid of the island. This is why we reinvoked the pre-fall consciousness grid recently here. Kaua'i is now well populated by souls who have returned now specifically for this opportunity. It is time, Kaua'ians, to continue where you left off when the fall happened, to pick up the pieces of Lemurian consciousness, to restore Kaua'i, this wonderful Lemurian mountain top, to its original purpose and vibrational level. It is time to live together in present reality the pre-fall unified consciousness field."

"Many have spoken of the unification, of the transition in ascension from a lot of self interested egoes to a shared purpose and consciousness, a oneness which can be palpably real for you, and you are on the threshhold of making that happen, and can take the upcoming crisis as trigger to do so. We use the metaphor of the flight of a flock of birds... where the group consciousness is something each individual has tuned-into and is voluntarily choosing to let guide them, to let their own little will be part of something grander, to be focussed upon, 'what can i be / do / give in service to the collective in this moment', and 'how may i cocreate most effectively for the good of the whole'? Thus we are guiding your attention not only to fully claim your divinity as creator embodied, but to do so in the context of purposeful cocreation, voluntary and willing creation for common good."

A little blurry eyed, (it's still before 4AM here), i break to prepare my now brewed tea.

"We are doing our best to both maintain the rate of individual help we are facilitating with all those on Kaua'i who are willing to allow us crystal faeries to facilitate their lightbody upgrades, to maintain the highest vibrations and collective attunements within the Kaua'i 8D Ascension Portal / Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and to accellerate in particular, your upgrades, celeste, to prepare you for the new quantum level of energy work you shall be doing both with individuals, and for the collective. Obviously this new modality of channelling is part of your upgrades also.
We remind you that the 5th step of time-line hopping is 'persevere', perhaps the most challenging part for a visionary like you who lives so much in the future and is nearly always impatient for it to arrive. We take this opportunity then, as you have always done when teaching your students of meditation, to use your own issue as a group lesson. We know you have already written of this to others, but we now bring it fully to public view, that 'impatience' is a form of non-acceptance. The Hathors mention this as the biggest challenge in creating a time-line quantum hop.
You must remain in acceptance of that which is in the now, and you must 'deal with' the reality of that on a daily basis
(e.g. chop wood, carry water),
while at the same time allowing your consciousness, and particularly your feeling state, to live in the future / intended time-line reality.
You, celeste, know that it does not help to fall into frustration that the leap has not already happened, that you are still living in the old reality. We bring this to light now because you need it as a individual lesson, especially as of today, given that you are now channelling predictively, and even more so ready and impatient for the new time-line to arrive. This then brings us 'full circle' back to something we mentioned above, the submission of the ego-will to the collective for the collective good. While it would certainly serve you as an individual now, as it would have for most of your life, to go ahead into the future, you must remember you volunteered for this role of visionary, and concommitant to that role is that you are always on the edge of reality chiding those around you to 'come on, wake up, move along, hurry up, let's get going, better things ahead!', for your own vision makes it so clear to you how much better it is to make the changes, while those you have volunteered to guide, are still quite either lazy or attached to their old time-lines, and those are quite often indestinguishable, as the overriding resistance to change, any change, even really really good change, is part of the wiring of [mankind] (un-)consciousness. Thus, we remind you to accept today."
celeste rummages in her bags of Young Living™ Essential Oils for the 'Acceptance' blend, and applies some to her wrists :-)

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