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22nd August 2014

As i flow in my day of self created mirrored joyful self expression i feel very deep peace in my core, the relaxed space of authentic presence in the present. Full acceptance of all that is gateways into infinite possibilities of appropriate (co)creation. So, dear higher self essence tomril, what is today's synergistic synchrony for which i may prepare?

'Notice that being in the state of self love is causative to your deep peace. Simply enjoy the calm relaxed restfulness, and release your programming to have to be doing something. When energy flow spontaneously arises, that is your guidance to flow with it. Likewise, release the programming to do something now, about or for the future.'

"Congratulations upon your state of being completely present, with complete openness to all that is and all that may manifest. This is your perfect basis for channelling wordlessly and thoughtlessly via your flute. Particularly your use of your flute as your instrument of expression, bypasses all historical or habitual patterns of the use of bodily voice to express mental words or thoughts, or to express emotions of embodiment. While this state is not new for you, your level of comprehension of it is new, for you have now integrated not merely your previous consciousness level, but fully your 8D Angelic crystal faery / ishnaan essence in your awake consciousness. Walk in this consciousness in all ways."

i am now addressing a pattern which has come to my attention in recent days, exemplified by couples of whom i at least know one member consciously in the physical realm, and by some solo individuals in their relationships with society, and another version exemplified by caretakers such as healers, (well, yeah, of course I'm checking for any versions i might still carry :-)

Coming from childhood experiences, every ego experiences conditional love from parental units, and then misinterprets the inability to get love, by the age of 18 months, as:

Until these are healed, there is a struggle to create within relationships, proof to the contrary of those beliefs. Because this game is played in the lower density realms of duality, any creation simultaneously creates its opposite, and so there is always as much evidence to reinforce the beliefs as true as there is evidence to contradict those beliefs as false. Once these beliefs are removed, they can be replaced with the truth of unconditional self love, and consequent to that the individual may finally have unconditional self worth. Until that time, the best they can accomplish is a relative self worth, which will always be competitively based in judgmental comparison:

We can now look at the specific pattern of cross-saviourship within a couple. The couple can be an individual relating with "society", (the surrogate Christ Father), or with "church", (the surrogate Mother Mary). The point is that the actual issue is with the body-ego parents, the unresolved issues of childhood, but the pattern is still being played out in an adult body with other adult bodies, or worse, with children who are the offspring of these dysfunctional adults, creating the next generation of this issue. Enter Chiron, the wounded healer. The healer or rescuer may receive gratitude from those they rescue, and respect from bystanders for the nobility of their work, but the game is still fueled by a reality of suffering within duality. The need to rescue in order to have any (relative) self worth. The wounded healer needs to be healed, by transcending duality and the original wounds, to live above duality, in unconditional self love, and intrinsic unconditional self worth.

In these times of the first wave of ascension, being aware that the individuated ensouled being must do their own ascension, it is a serious risk of one's own ascension to dabble with any games of rescuing those who are not committed to ascension themselves, as the time has passed for "fence sitters" to choose ascension or not, and those who are not actively engaged in self responsible ascension, are not going to "make it", so it doesn't matter whether you're married to them or merely karmicly entangled, to remain engaged with them is to sacrifice ones own ascension. Now, I'm very strongly commited to being at the leading edge of the 1st wave of ascension, as it is my role to facilitate those within the first wave of ascension, so i am very careful not to become entangled with those not also of the 1st wave. Even so, i cannot become entangled in any agenda of my own to resuce lightworkers, even though i may facilitate their process, i cannot become responsible for their outcome, which they create by their own free-will choices.

The ascension process allows only our pure authentic essence to pass, therefore we must all pass through a rebirth wherein we shed all illusions and attachments, especially to anyone else, for we do the ascension alone, though we may have many guides for the journey, and on the other side we may rejoin with the beings we have known to be some of our incarnate friends. Only unconditional self love takes us to the necessary vibration level to ascend. Only we may make the choice to give it to ourself, and to receive it from ourself. As for myself, i declare everyone to be healed, not in need of a healer, everyone to know the truth, not in need of a teacher, everyone already knows in higher realms they are androgynous, and is not in need of me to model it for them, and everyone is already ascended, even if their lower self is playing the "I forgot who i authentically am!" game. So, being complete with rescuing, and with being wounded, and having no further attachment to relative comparative games, I'm ready to move from duality to love, in a community of similarly awake beings of empowered freedom, which is now forming on Kaua'i.

All that being said, i am now ready to enter love and ascended consciousness, to complete the merge between higher and lower self, and to cease modelling the process of ascension for others. Therefore, with this last posting spoken from the celeste:crystalfaery individual level without quotes, it is my intent moving forward to speak only from the tomril higher self level, for my self (I = tomril = higher self), and for my family (We = crystal faeries = ishnaans).
-- celeste:crystalfaery

'Typical of the celeste:crystalfaery individuality to push to speed things up, the embodiment is just entering the orb of the New Moon soon due, which most supports this activation and transcendence, so i shall sit patiently through the process of body and ego integration, gracefully supporting the surrender to unified voice of tomril, and so now choose to withdraw from the body and allow it to integrate DNA Codon activations and energy template installation for this quantum leap. Sweet dreams, tired fae.'
-- tomril

"Hopefully this means fewer words to read per day? :-)
giggles" -- crystal faeries

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