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11th October 2017
[Faery of the Changing Moons]

The faery of the changing moons remembers us to the lunar month driving the menstrual cycle of women, as the solar year drives men's cycles. As we transcend space-time with ascended consciousness, flowing in the eternal now moment, we can feel estranged from our not-yet-fully-ascended "physical" bodies, and their endlessly churning energies of cyclical time.

Living in the flow of the moment is far healthier than living by the clock and calendar, especially the western "work week" which keeps women in disharmony with their own life-creation energies, and the "work day" which keeps everyone in disharmony with their own organs and life-sustaining energies.

Tomril and the Crystal Faeries have agreed that my focus is now to be fully that of my preferred ascended reality time-line.

Faery blessings -- celeste

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