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25th June 2013
[pan's labia lullaby]

We merely change our vibrational aligment from one parallel reality to another... by focus of vibrational intent... focus on the preferred reality. And so as i continue through each day, i find myself noticing so many things, and discerning that they are not of my intent, and therefore, must be released. And, all "roles" which would seem to involve changing anyone else or the world or self, are illusion, and also need to be released. And that just leaves following our bliss.

The skillset of healing someone's consciousness from "broken" to "zero" is a completely different skill set than the skillset of creating positive reality. And this tells me that my rebirth has to involve, releasing my old role as a healer. Bye, done, no more.

Now it's time to be a creator of Faery Magick, joy, happiness. There is only choice in the moment, and so, all my relationships are transformed... to this: "Do you choose to share positive reality / cocreation with me now, yes, or no?" If no, then bye. If yes, then what shall we cocreate now? There is only choice. And all my energy work now is about invoking the highest vibrations I'm able to access, and invoke into "reality", where "reality" is now for me transcendence, and anything below is "history", which is illusion.

And so, I'm ready to share love, on Kaua'i. Learning, knowing, honoring other people's choices, and being joy and light. And all of that adds up to focus... focus upon the postive reality i choose, which is making Kaua'i a haven for fae.

Yesterday i had awareness that i was done creating 8D ascension portals outside of Kaua'i. i have gifted them to all who were close to me energetically but distant physically. i am guided to focus on Kaua'i. And so i continue to move from virtual worlds to Kaua'i.

Even here on Kaua'i, letting go of all healing, teaching, guiding, fixing, roles... and focussing on being and creating and living in joy, play, fun, celebration, clearly it remains my largest kuleana to maintain the large group/area portal over the whole island, and yet i seem called to provide a few localized versions here.

Focus. Priority. Boundaries. Positive Synergistic (Co-)Creation. Think galacticly and act locally. i have no clue how the universe will support my life here, but i am following my passion to make Kaua'i the fae haven of the faes of love.

And all of that is adding up to, or distilling down to... I've done all i can for certain beings, and release them. i have been through my own process of rebirth with all the relationships I've been engaged with.

i am thinking that perhaps I'm a bit more energized to life because my choice is more recent, than many who've been knocking around in bodies for a while, who have not recently visited the choice to live. An integral part of that choice is "live how?", "in what reality?"

Faery blessings -- celeste

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