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12th August 2014

Today's date on certain years, is a harmonic of the time-loop between 1983 and 1943 on August 12th, created by the Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project and the Mountauk Project. Harmonics of 40 years are the strongest time-nodes of that time-loop. 1983 and 2023 are fundamentals, 1963 and 2003 are 2nd harmonic, 1953, 1973, 1993 and 2013 are 4th harmonic, and 8th harmonic adds in 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008 and 2018, so we can snooze a while longer. As we ascend consciousness we transcend time itself, but until our bodies also transcend, they are in time and triggered by the great time machine of astrology, the cycling wheels of orbital mechanics. Since sovereign freedom from limitation is a theme with me, i am wondering if all our ascension work has transcended these issues, and i can already answer that by pointing out that our recent storms just before the full moon were physical expressions of this time-loop, and given i have carried kuleana (dharma / responsiblity) for ameliorating the mess made by this body's father and other scientists / engineers who created the rip in the space-time fabric that formed the time-loop in the 1943-08-12 "Philadelphia Experiment", it was in alignment that i took full kuleana to avert the "hurricanes".

'As you observed first hand, our 8D-4D ascension portal provides a higher reality which is very protective from interference by lower density energies. The complete calm you cocreated with other light-workers for the full moon time may be comprehended as the confirmation that these wave patterns are subsiding "over time" :-) giggles. Lighten up and play more, relax in the knowing that you have done the hard work you came to do, recall that we have stabilized Gaia on the ascending time-line family, and that the Armageddon time-line family is of no further concern. You may release your struggle for perfecting your old time-lines, release the heavy sense of responsibility, as our mission was well and thoroughly done.'

"Allow yourself to cry the tears of the heavy karmic weight you have born. Yes, this has been a heavy burden, one you shared with only a few other lightworkers, a burden of your generation, as your Indigo guest observed, and know that the presence of the Crystal Kids is a very powerful sign of the fulfillment of our mission. Especially, as we have previously shared, our presence as crystal kids, is a fulfillment in which you may relax and celebrate. And yes, it is possible that you may yet choose to reincarnate as a child of crystal kids. Now, lighten up, spritz with Fae_Play, and with grace and calm peace of knowing you may fully release time-line concerns, focus upon your growing Gaia community in Kilauea. Your new focus on play, and music as universal light language, is your path now. Others have their unique roles to fulfill, but yours may only be fulfilled by fully releasing all old time-lines and responsibilities. You are no longer on any time-lines of the Djedi Warriors, your work then is done now. Let this day signify your final laying down of your light-sabre, and delight in the joy of instead carrying your flute, so that you may 'speak' the new sound message of light and ascension. In summary, you may release the internal ghosts of missions past, knowing full well your outer work is complete.
Your recent consoling of another faery overwhelmed by the lower vibrations of dualistic Kauai, may be seen as a mirroring for you of your own having 'dialed down' your sensitivity in order to 'tough it out' on your missions, thus you may finally cry your tears now. Then build the Faery realm in Kilauea where you and your faery friends may live in that level of sensitivity reflecting the joyous beings of open heart you truly are."

[well-maybe i just need a hug]

Yes, i feel the truth of this, and recall that even the harshness of those still in 4D- paradigms is their plea for love and a hug, even when they are attacking the one they hope will love them.

It's one of those late-night hacking sessions, the work of the meta-user, a lot of work now for a long term payoff of efficiency and automation, not doing things by drag and drop in the now as a user would, but teaching computers to automagickally do even when I'm away. Meanwhile, falling asleep at keyboard can be dangerous, so this fae must hibernight.

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