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28th August 2014

As i begin yet another day embodied in the Kaua'i reality, navigating through a plethora of input from my communications systems, i find complete peace in myself, and therefore relating with all externals.

As humanity is a species coming out of denial and illusion into an awakening to "the truth", one of the pending issues is that of "disclosure", whereby those who have been living in denial, ignorance, innocence, the matrix, religion, nationality, race, or dualistic human (un)consciousness are being faced with increasing evidence of a larger truth, and more and more humans around them are calling them to awaken. Herein i continue to present that i am a star-seed, of the family of beings known as tomril / ishnaa / crystal faeries / Crystal Kids. i choose to make a short and simple statement about this subject: That which enlightens and empowers the individual into self-responsible sovereignty at least has the possibility of being in the direction of truth. The 1st step in spiritual adulthood is self responsibility as reality creator. In ascended reality, all is love rather than duality.

We observe within the 4D- collective an increase of conformity, a retrenchment into the familiar which feels safe, for those who have seen glimpses of the transcendent alternative, but are not willing to release their attachments to or dependencies upon the payoffs to which they are addicted within the lower realities.

Kilauea today was gracefully gentle and flowing for my visit. i was graced with a visitor telling me i looked "really fit", which i acknowledged by: "Yes! 64 looks really good on me!", which provoked some disbelief until i reassured them i really have orbited the sun that many times, yet refuse to "age". That was followed by their statement that they hoped to look so good at 64.

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