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23rd August 2014

As of this daily channeling session "I" is the voice of tomril, and "We" that of the collective consciousness of the ishnaans / crystal faeries / Crystal Kids.
We have over the past 8 weeks translation of our timeless realm into the linear experience of the celeste:crystalfaery embodiment in terms of effects, been integrating the original tomril Universe, the original settlement of tomril entities in the Milky Way Galaxy as ishnaans, and the present Gaia creation in which we are more known as the crystal faeries. This is the natural flow consequent to much exchange of akashics records information, and the travelling of entities, between these focal frequencies, via our expanding 8D Portal Network.

We have not said much about our other incarnate expression, the Crystal Kids, since our commentaries of:

yet, there have been further integrations of our realms, knowing, and purpose, a unification in the whologram of the divine plan. We may summarize of the Crystal Kids that our manifest presence is mostly solo, though sometimes we are blessed to share reality in the world, our purpose is primarily to walk in Gaia consciousness, and in most cases live that embodied. At a deep level we know who we are, and arrived on planet fully conscious. Most manifest our own 8D portals, and if not, at least carry the akashics to do so. Our "mission" is teaching by example, living examples of ascended beings. So, we have a unified consciousness and purpose, but expressed quite individually.

As i embody more light of higher frequency it triggers greater contrast with those frequencies, and those carriers of frequencies, (e.g. entities), which are incompatible. This accentuated contrast is common now in those of us in the 1st wave of ascension. Transcending the contrast with love is the easiest path to the highest outcome.

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