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2nd December 2013

Today i was (re-)introduced to (the latest version of) the One Peoples Public Trust, by a messenger of good heart. Any of us may with loving intent, be deceived, or innocent, or ignorant, and thereby both take a path into deception, and with loving intent guide others into the same deception. It has been my conclusion that for myself it is best to be engaged in as few contracts as possible. It has been my conclusion that for all of us, it is essential to fully comprehend a contract, before you understand that contract (stand under its power) by undersigning (bonding yourself to) that contract. Perhaps Matthew 18:18 is worthy of consideration even if the remainder of the book be rejected: 'Verily i say to you, Whatever ye shall bind on Gaia, shall be bound in heaven: and whatever ye shall loose on Gaia, shall be loosed in heaven.', because we are multidimensional entities.

Both in my initial exposure to it at its origins, and in the current exposure, i find incongruencies which trigger my suspicion, which trigger my questioning and vigilant discernment. Fools rush in where celeste insists upon comprehension, particularly when the temptation is not only the liberation from the global slavery system, but also when the bait is easy material wealth. It is fairly well known that the money slavery system is peculiar to Gaia, and that money is fairly well a foreign concept in the celestial or extraterrestrial realities. i have been very careful to seek only liberation from government, not material abundance, and yet the local corruption has resulted in less freedom in practice.

My actions with the crystal faeries to bring all of Kaua'i to unlimited liability, is in some ways mirrored in the expression of OPPT's successor as it now stands, thus i find some alignment with it, and perhaps a way to overcome the extant corruption. My old way would be to actually read all the documents, in that very perverted and twisted language known as "legalese", before even considering participating in this 'offering'. i have just recently received warning that 'I am being set-up', which has made me hyper vigilant for deception and misdirection. While our crystal faeries focus is transcendent reality, this OPPT is claiming its 'power' from that realm, and therefore perhaps it is not inconsistent to query my family about it all. That this should arrive right upon the new moon cycle is clearly either solid support for my new time-line reality, or a final exam test of the purity of my motivation and perception. Thus i now request of my crystal faeries family, their 'take' on OPPT, and / or about any appropriateness for me to become involved with it, and / or is this relevant to my pending 'move' in the physical realm?

"You are to investigate their procedure, and walk very gently. You are well aware of the disruption this is causing, and are simply to remain focussed upon your pre-existing goals. More than the disruption in 'how the world works', and in the dichotomous split generated by the bifurcation of reality, of those who are of New-Gaia versus remaining in dualistic limitations, there will be great disruption inside those who embrace OPPT, but were not already of transcendent reality, as they attempt to use their material 'wealth' as a substitute for doing inner spiritual growth. We can expect many to destroy themselves with their greed fulfilled. You will continue on your path rather than taking (potential) material wealth as a sign to aggrandize your goals." -- crystalfaeries

Yes, i certainly grok this wisdom.
What of the warning about 'being set up'?

"This is what you cleared overnight in the astral realms preparatory to today." -- crystalfaeries

i do not per se agree with all of this presentation, however, it is fairly effective at presenting the negativity of volunteering to become a 'bondservant': OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit - Love For Life - Arthur Cristian

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

In summary, this is just another case of an apparent defector from THE BEAST, offering an alternative form of THE BEAST, to the gullible or the greedy. Stop and ask yourself if U.S.$10,000,000,000 to play with in one lifetime, is truly a fair exchange for eternal bondage of your soul as a 'bondservant'? Having debunked this, what alternative do i offer?
The divine is already within each and every one of us.
That is all you need, to be either free or abundant.
Operate in unlimited liability, and love.

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