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3rd December 2013

"We would like to suggest a fun concept from our realm, a form of play which many of us enjoy, which perhaps translates as playing with 'self'. In the embodied [mankind] realms, because a popular experience is to have a single immutable form, there is a tendency to develop a matching self concept, one's concept of 'self'. There is a tendency for this to grow static over time, and thereby for the reality created therefrom to stagnate. In the higher realms we play in, where really we are formless, we play more with 'valence', the higher realm 'equivalent' of 'form'. For us this is quite changeable, upon the whim of the moment, or as feels appropriate in relating with others. There is a [mankind] concept of 'roleplay' which shares some similarities, but often that is seen as creating a role to fit some predefined 'reality', as, e.g., let's get a group together and roleplay being in the victorian era, which is fitting the 'self' into a box appropriate to some external definition. What we are suggesting is similar, but a roleplay which is based on an outward expression, of some various aspects of self, a freedom of role to be maleable, as fits the whim of self expression, versus an artificial construct to fit a certain reality. As this is practiced, there comes to be a mastery of creating reality around one's self, as is appropriate to that aspect or facet of one's essence, that as one's valence shifts, one also shifts the surrounding reality to fit that valence. Is this clear? Create the reality to match the valence, rather than create the role to match the reality. We suggest that playing with this can be a lot of fun, as well as developing mastery of manifestation. Take yourself lightly, it's time for Fae Play."

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