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7th April 2014

Some days are way more focussed on worldly progress than vibrational ascension.

'Flowing in joyous creative mode is where it is at.'

"Thanks for acting on guidance :-) "

This evening i was blessed to view with friends the movie Happy!. i recommend it. i have long stated that the ultimate experience is that of loving cocreation, for when the will of two or more beings aligns, there is activated divine synergy so that the outcome is multiply powerful compared to individuals acting alone to create something.

'We crystal faeries have declared that from our perspective the optimal approach to solving the many problems of [mankind] life on Gaia is called ascension to nonduality, where the issues of duality simply do not exist.

"We continue to hold our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal for Kaua'i, which brings the 8D pure divine template of the higher self down to the 4D level so that anyone who can reach up to the frequencies of 4D on their own, is provided with all the akashics they need to align fully as their higher self incarnate."

'There is a great deafness amongst the people to hearing truths which stir too much cognitive dissonance, i.e. because they are so far out of alignment from their truth. There is an equivalent on the emotional level of resistance to anything which stirs up repressed or denied "negative" feelings.'

i was just inspired by that to apply a bit of Patchouli oil, which, aside from triggering present energetics, also activates some memories of that illusion called history, in which Patchouli was a favorite scent amongst the 'hippies' of yore. It is unmistakeable that the group who shared ecological concerns, are indeed the same old 'hippies' of yore. Contemplating the olde aphorism to 'turn on, tune in, and drop out', regardless the state of turn on, many are still tuned in, but most have dropped in. The largest cognitive and emotional dissonance is around 'citizenship'. Few of us want the system as it is, but few of them are willing to walk our talk and actually drop out of it. I'd say that two 'World Wars' and all the incessant warring since the official declaration of 'world scale' warfare, have conclusively proven that the system shall not be fixed from the inside, nor by warfare. And that is more than enough investment of energy or focus upon duality. We have a mission to work where energy is effective, in nonduality. Nevertheless we do applaud the small 'gains' or 'blockage of loss' which occasionally move from citizen initiative to statutory regulation, mostly because it evidences some shift of consciousness of the collective.

"We continue to hold the 8D template of pure divine intent for divine life, about which we say regarding GMO within the 8D ascension portal: 'GMO, (along with other forms of corruption), just won't grow here.' We consider it a priority to support 'seed banking' and 'seed saving' and 'seed propogation' via the local seed exchanges on our Garden Island."

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