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14th June 2014

Continuing on with the theme of last nights' comments, i contemplate this early pre-dawn morning in what way to honour the divine beyond usual daily living, and immediately come to awareness it is appropriate to manifest more practice with my flute so that i may be more expressive, saving that for later in the day when neighbors are awake. As i write this i am deeply aware of the path of ascension i am walking. I beleive in being one with the divine, in living as a Christed being (open ajana chakra), cognizing the esoteric meaning of KRST.

'We do see the pending solstice as a gateway closure, the end of easy time-line hopping.

"celeste, you must stop taking it individually, or feeling that you have failed in your facilitation, that so few [mankind] will chose the life of their soul over material comfort. Release your anger at yourself and at them for their free will choice. You must detach from your taking responsibility for the future they choose for themselves, and stop saving them from their self inflicted suffering. Detach from all illusion that it is your job to fix their realities. It is the ending even of the time of triage. Release all guilt or self blame that you 'coulda' or 'shoulda' done more to awaken those who, by now, are clearly willfully refusing to be saved. Release the saviour role. There are no exceptions to 'you create your own reality', so just get on with cocreating Gaia with those who are ascending with you. Cease perfecting your old time-line(s), leave them behind, and burn the bridges to them. Stay in New-Gaia."

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