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23rd December 2013

'tomril chose to demark the solstice transition with an offering of crystal faery blessings for everyone in celeste's e-mail addressbook.'

celeste chose to express her completion with 4D reality, her release of her old time-line in old collective reality, with a final solstice message to 4D reality upon Kaua'i, about the simplicity of cessation of consent to the Matrix mind control, and was careful to clarify the crystal faeries were not source for that. She followed that by total surrender to her new 5D time-line as crystal faery 'tomril'.

'I as tomril, her higher self, allowed that, as progress into the new time-line, perceiving this to have succeeded with greater integration of my consciousness into her embodiment, and release of old roles of the old time-line.'

As i proceed forward in this new time-line and new year i am fully focussed upon the 8D ascension energetics, and our expanding use of 8D ascension portals to deliver faery blessings. i seek the guidance of my family of crystal faeries.

"We are pleased with your progress in surrender and allowance, and in releasing your past attachment to perfecting your old time-line. We are clearing the energy fields for the launch of a new time-line with the new year's first new moon."

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