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16th December 2013

i feel the weight of darkness all about. It is not the seasonal daylight patterns, but the darkness of [mankind] itself. It continues to be my perception that the rift is widening, between those ascending in the light, and those spiralling down into darkness. As i listen to soul soothing new-age music, and calmly pass through the quietest part of the night, having already slept early, i feel calm and peace inside, but all around, even in sleep, the people are in a deep malaise. i remember that 'healing to undamaged' is a whole different reality than 'blossoming to fulfillment', and find that even with my own extra focus upon Faery Magick and Fae Play, that most people are not ready to thrive, for they are still of the world, not merely in the world. We crystal faeries have clearly identified, that it is not our kuleana to address the negative reality time-line, yet, despite the recent lunar cycle quantum leap apart between the primary time-lines, there is still enough bleed-through of old time-line into ascending reality, as to be unmistakeable. What is our perspective from 8D?
"You are still caught-up in 'caring for' others, rather than having reached fully a detached compassionate state of 'caring about' others, i.e., you're still 'working at perfecting your old time-line'. You must let go of all illusions of your own 'worth' based in the role of 'healer'. Where others have a version of this known primarily as 'parenting', your 'parenting energies' have been directed to those you 'mentor'. Yes, all of this remains relevant as your practice of helping others, but deprogramming the 'worthiness' illusion is incomplete. This is part of the ascension transition, out of earning a living via effort. You must fully release all 'need' to justify your existence or needs fulfillment, and your joy de vivre, as the collective negative time-line programmed reality. It was all part of the great lie of enslavement. Slip your ankle out of the ball and chain, and fly upon beautiful gossamer wings of light and joy. Be free to play, Fae. Let your light shine. They have no power over you any more, and it's not your kuleana to protect others from them. It is time to radiate your essence in full brightness, angel!"

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