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25th June 2014

Is there any guidance for me, not of the now moment, but of a general pattern, which I'm not already heeding?

'Stay in play mode, and be less attached to your previous healing modality of working to heal others. If they are not ready to receive the blessings of faery magick, let them keep their problems and troubles, you too easily get caught-up in perfecting their old time-lines or yours, when the appropriate investment of energy is simply to switch time-lines gracefully. We could otherwise summarize as cease saving people, which is an agenda, and be more a neutral catalyst for change. Detach from the outcome. You are not responsible for the results of other people creating their own reality, no matter how much they would like to make you responsible, or would like you to do their work for them in a "healing session".'

"Lighten up, live in awe of the miracle of each transitory moment, with absolutely no attachment to it or any illusory relationship between it and past or future moments. Cease creating in your mind illusions of story about the linking of moments in linear time, and especially release all illusions of cause and effect between moments."

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