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16th July 2014

As with all which presents itself to me, i am always asking the question:
"of what in me is this a mirror?" and:
"do i wish to keep that aspect of myself?"
With a high rate of change, growth, healing, the mirroring from the world will likewise track, or, the mirroring can become obsolete, a ghost image from history, in which case the realization of its being
"out of present time" is the lesson, followed by:
"why is it not in present time?"
i am comparing and contrasting dichotomous relationships with two who seek me for clairvoyant reading and healing:

Neither of these would choose to seek a "Faery Magician" nor an "Ascension Worker" which would be far more accurate descriptions of who i have become and what i uniquely offer now, which cannot be found so easily from within the general class of "clairvoyant healers" which is perhaps how i was perceived that they sought my assistance in the first place. The problem with being on the very "cutting edge" of lightwork and lovework, is that many don't "get it". i am deeply committed to the highest of truth and ethics, which has always prohibited me from "promoting what sells", therefore, as a consequence, now that I've transcended 5th Density Aetheric Healing Mastery as a modality, people are finally waking up and ready to receive it, from my perspective a "ghost image from history", for i have completely moved on to 8th Density crystal faery Ascension Portal Magick, which is higher work, and more powerfully transformative, though initially, and during a session with me, far more subtle, as the effects are experienced with time delay in the lower densities, a great grace, as most physical bodies can only stand so big an energy shift so quickly, that the results have to be brought in over time, linear time of the "healee", though that be done "out of time" in higher realms, and much more quickly in my own clock time, yet, the difference is astounding for those more in present time with who I've become, and my current capabilities.

As a ghost image of my Aetheric Healing practice from 1987 to 2013, i am now being asked to facilitate playshops on Kaua'i. In present time live classes, those skills and techniques are foundational energy skills, foundational for the 8D Angelic crystal faeries + Andromedan + Cetacean Ascension Portals. As has always been the case, and as my own teacher always emphasized, actually, the fundamental foundational and simplist of skills are actually the most important, but once again, more challenging to interest people in. Many don't really want to do deep inner work, they want a quick fix without work, and such has never been nor will ever be. i had one who found my old website pre-crystal faeries blog, comment that my website was very comprehensive, but "nobody sits and reads" much any more. This is a testament to the effectiveness of modern mind control.

So, where does all of this lead? Back to my beginning example of the difference between two of those i have facilitated. Whether i work with an individual or a group, the outcome depends upon the willingness. i have long stated that i am the perfect example, because i started from the place of disbelief in divine, spirit, clairvoyance, or magick. However, i had a very important moment of realization, where i voiced: "I choose to change me". That was the dawning of my own willingness back in the early 1980s. That is what carried me to my present level of mastery... self responsible willingness, better stated as willingness to be self responsible. One's outer life is only a mirroring of what's inside, and that brings us back to where i started this posting... asking, what in me does any of this mirror?

And at this exact synchronistic moment, as i write this, someone who had called for guidance and woke me up in the middle of the night, which led to this session of blogging, just called again for guidance, asking in effect, "what should i choose?"
i can never choose for another, only ethically guide them in their choice process, so i always take such questions to their own higher selves for guidance. The higher self declared that the spiritual lesson in their circumstances was to stand in their own authority for their own truth, rather than fearfully deferring to external (illusions of) "authorities", in this case, to focus upon standing in court presenting one's own truth, rather than submitting to the attorneys offering a "plea bargain" for reduced sentence. The higher self guidance was to focus on integrity in the process, rather than upon the outcome itself. Wow, how perfect. i love how the universe is so synchronistic, and how the lesson for so many [mankind], particularly at this crisis point in time, is so consistently that of:
"Live your authentic life in your own truth self responsibly", rather than continuing to fearfully submit to external "authority". A perfect individual example of the general case.
They chose, again, not to follow their higher-self's guidance.

tomril, my higher self says:
'Release your frustration at their unwillingness to change.'

My crystal faeries family says:
"Remember that you volunteered for this mission because of your level of mastery, thus the answer to your query about mirroring is, that much of the world you walk in is a ghost image of your past, thus our adamance about staying in nondual consciousness, and your knowing that those of dualistic consciousness cannot share your reality.
Allow your tears to flow for the limitation and suffering so many choose.
Let not your compassion lead to inappropriate responsibility for others."

A further call for guidance came with a declaration that "it had felt very good to have stood for truth, rather than accepting a plea bargain", which would have been inauthentic as the self stance was one of innocence.
This was at least a half step into autonomy, even though they did not take the full step to stand on their own as a living being rather than to be represented as a dead corpseorate fiction.

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