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14th October 2013

As we are making our changes of reality, releasing old time-lines and old realities, part of that is releasing old habits of perception and of relating. One of those patterns is an ego-based pattern of attempting to control 'reality'. 'Control' is a survival strategy to compensate for a historical pattern of being out of control due to lack of 'right' to establish appropriate boundaries, for as children, few of us have the functional right to assert our own boundaries and reality, and therefore, if out of control with boundaries, then we have to control the merged space to keep safe.

Often, in reversed-role parent-child relationships, the parent is dependent upon the child to control their shared space, and it may even be a part of the spiritual level contract for a body, e.g. the mother agrees to make a baby body for the incoming soul, conditional upon the incoming soul contracting to become her healer, responsible for her health physically, emotionally, mentally, and / or spiritually. As we reclaim our sovereignty as creators, finally everything becomes appropriate and we can release 'control', as our new 'strategy' of 'safety' becomes alignment with soul essence and higher self reality. Our reality becomes one of surrender to appropriateness rather than defending boundaries or controlling inappropriately merged space.

The lesson arising to consciousness here, is that the process of parenting has rarely been accomplished in a manner of ahimsa (harmlessness), as practiced by beings of the level of consciousness (3D) many of us had as parents. The suggestion is that it's time to see the incoming souls as fully sovereign beings, regardless that their ability to competently operate a fully developed body takes a while to manifest. It is time to end the child abuse of mind-control via 'pay-rents' and 'public education', and the child-slavery of registering children as slaves (wards of the state). Yes, this is one of the many pachyderms in the parlor.

The crystal faeries state: "That was a bit harsh, but sadly, in no way is it untrue. Because there is no legal or lawful condition of half-wayness about these matters, because this is one of the most extreme examples of duality in the realm of dichotomy, and because it is non-trivial to switch sides in this choice, and because of the extreme cognitive dissonance of living with incongruence in this choice, most people will be very polarized about this, and therefore most remain in deeply committed denial, as even beginning to contemplate the consequences of truth in this, cannot but require them to bring their lives into alignment with truth."

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