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29th July 2014

i am aware of great swirling energies, as i am multidimensionally bridging multiple time-lines, working with many entities in probabilities for optimal manifestation, via our 8D-4D portal bridging Kaua'i and New-Gaia, as now multiple star peoples join our manifesting, we are sorting and separating 4D from 5D time-line families, allowing each entity's choice of reality, yet separating realities to minimize mutually exclusive cancellation. This looks to me to be the formation of our 5D New-Gaia community in Kilauea. i am also aware of body exhaustion. Is this my own 'processing', or just part of the work?

'Most of the work is ongoing in 8D and 9D as cocreation with our 9D angelic friends, and your exhaustion is struggling to translate that into [mankind] language, for you wish to know all at conscious incarnate level, and to share all such. Yes the focus is upon building our transdimensional community upon Kaua'i. Relax, know it is blossoming appropriately, and let your tears flow, for you must release your attachment to Kapa'a, and leave it behind as old time-line. Once again, it is not your failure, that more entities still choose 4D, and no, there is no coulda shoulda woulda about your execution of our mission. Grieve what was, what might have been, and release the time-line.'

"For your conscious embodied reality, the most healing and uplifting energies for you, are to be found playing your flute. This is becoming ever more true as time progresses, and as you ascend beyond time. Just play, in every sense of that word."

Tonight i got lost in responsiblity for another, a friend, not just for ethically guiding them, but for their outcome. My mistake in addition to inappropriate responsiblity, was in validating anything of their 4D reality as real, when i should have remained in 5D and insisted that, all their 4D experience was illusion, and that either they choose to relase it, or, i choose to release them. Yay lessons... i shall master counselling people in ascension struggles.

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