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18th May 2014

i noticed last night that i was feeling conflict, between the need to nurture myself and be true to my soul, versus my mission to facilitate others. This happened in a context of too many days of too many chores, useful ones in support of my future appropriateness, but much too much work with too little play... both in the sense of joyful celebration, and literally that of playing my flute. As we are astrologically triggered to clear old shadow side, i was in the crunch of getting into functionality, and keeping computers in productivity, was priority. Finally in a fit of anger (indicating i was on the wrong side of an appropriate boundary), triggered by a visitor actively encouraging my housemate's yappy little pommeranean to yap, i retreated to my room and started playing very loudly some Suzanne Teng tunes to drown out the surrounding insanity, and assembled my flute to play along.

'Nearly instantly you aligned with my energies, releasing lower consciousness and settled quickly into the divine flow of the now, the soulful flow of the divine music, and played better than ever before.'

"It was wonderful to feel joy return to your heart from the musical flow, followed by appreciation for the recent Hathors initiation work to activate your ability to channel the highest of sound energies as ascension initation for others."

That brings me back to my initial contract with my flute... that i would only ever play as an expression of my soulful energies, never from my ego nor for others' egoes, never to 'perform'. Since it is shadow release time, i specifically forgive my body's parents for their having imposed their egoes upon me, sabotaging my spiritual relationship with music, out of their need to entertain their illusions of success at parenting, and for a complete unwillingness and inability to ever allow me room for my own soul, my own preferences, my own free will.

Versus my childhood training to perform sheet music as an ego mental 'skill' on the instrument my parents chose for me, finally now playing with the instrument of my own appropriateness, i presently can not, or chose not, any ability to perform sheet music, and have not yet learned all the fingerings for all the sharps and flats, but i am joyously playing spontaneous harmonies and melodies from my soul, as i play along with that which inspires my soul, rather than pleases anothers ego. i definitely noticed a new level of divine flow.

i am now being initiated by the Hathors to use my flute in my mission of facilitating ascension for others, i quickly see that my level of consciousness now will not allow it to become a problem, so i flush out more old energies of history as irrelevant memories inapplicable to now.

i am, as always, deeply touched soulfully with resultant heart opening, by my listening to Bruce Mitchell's music as i do my morning channelling today. One of the principles of conscious reality creation is that of releasing history, to let go of both past and future as the illusions they are, but more importantly to release all value, meaning, and emotion we have attached to any story, particularly that of our history, and so i choose now to be done with all of this history I've just processed.

The previous paragraph was delightfully interrupted by a telephone call for a healing, and so i am joyously back in the flow of the moment, having lost track of what came before in today's channelling, and whether i was leading to some point or conclusion, and that is just perfect !-)

"Yes, celeste, this is excellent integration with tomril, and now we offer you an energetic activation to more fully integrate your multiple aspects, both more overshadowed by your tomril higher self. Just allow the energy flow, and visualize yourself in your ideal form, splashing in the waves breaking upon the sandy beach shoreline."

'The Hathors wish me to relay to you this message:'
"We are facilitating an integration for you of crystaline body activations combining both faery and [mankind] genetics and harmonics, resulting as you have been noticing lately since the beginning of our initiation with you, as a much stonger alignment with the very gentle and higher realm sensitivity and refinement of frequencies and harmonies. Yes, this will result in your leaving behind as old time-line a portion of your music collection :-) "
-- The Hathors via tomril

"We crystal faeries are very happy to share this initiation and activation and awakening with you. It is important for you to create a very gentle day for yourself today to facilitate the anchoring into your DNA of this energetic activation."

Ah, i love the flow of the universe in the moment. We really don't need the illusion we call money, the point of life is to give as feels appropriate, as much as we are able to advance the good of all. To whatever extent we place values on things, or focus on what we are getting, we are implying scarcity and we get scarcity, and this is exactly the social function which money serves as administered by the world controllers. If we can beleive-in "you get what you put out", then we can focus on opportunities to give more to more people, knowing that what we need, and beyond that, that which is appropriate for us, shall arrive, somehow.

"Yes, we like and encourage the gentle way you're allowing yourself to flow, releasing with love concepts and feelings and items from your old time-lines, embracing with focus and passion your new relationship with music, and the clearly light and creative side of life. Play on, Fae!"

Yay... the day continues with more initiations and cocreations:

crystalfaery the Hathor initiations are making quite a difference a_friend yayyy a_friend i am really intrigued by your connection with the Hathors crystalfaery it's all frequency... music, oils, light a_friend yes crystalfaery I've been linking to this for a while, crystalfaery and don't recall if the time of the link crystalfaery included the current version (revised): crystalfaery a_friend awesome a_friend yes, pursuing their heart's desire a_friend ok a_friend so your flute playing is affecting a_friend your surroundings and those within it? crystalfaery I've been initiated by the crystal faeries to channel energies crystalfaery via the 8D portals for ascension codon activations, crystalfaery and now I'm being activated by the Hathors crystalfaery for sound activations yes via my flute... crystalfaery no doubt overtones to the audible frequencies crystalfaery this then provides some "reason" behind crystalfaery the dictate to always carry my flute... crystalfaery practice for my new modalities, thus, crystalfaery leave the old time-line and ways behind, crystalfaery adopt and allow new modalities for new time-lines crystalfaery I'm in a 5 to 7 week initiation process with the Hathors a_friend wonderful bardess/druidess a_friend oh wow crystalfaery so, i don't know much consciously about it yet, only that crystalfaery I'm much more able to play flute spontaneously with music, crystalfaery but then I've also been encoding Suzanne Teng's music crystalfaery into my subconscious by listening a LOT to her playing a_friend smiles crystalfaery as I've been telling people, crystalfaery it's far more effective and powerful, crystalfaery but initially pretty subtle to have the 8D portal crystalfaery compared to my old 5D aetheric healing skills a_friend is there something i can do with you right now a_friend with more focus and intention which will help us both? crystalfaery i would suggest perhaps we spend 5 minutes just opening up crystalfaery to our own higher selves inside our portals, crystalfaery and allow THEM to guide a cocreation / co-initation a_friend there's an amazing monlogue on this stream i am listening to a_friend that is talking about old, dark, gods, like the god of war a_friend and fuck the god of war and freeze him in his own place and a_friend embrace the positive gods and godess (aspects of our higher self) crystalfaery no, ascension implies acceptance and transcendence above dualities, crystalfaery not polarized: have one end of the dichotomy and imprison the other, crystalfaery that will keep you locked into duality and FROM ascending! a_friend ok a_friend i have turned off my stream a_friend yes, that's true crystalfaery so I'm also asking to be shown, as well as initiated, crystalfaery anything i should consciously be aware of for cocreation with you a_friend ok crystalfaery oh! Kaua'i 8D-4D portal just grew roots down into 4D realms... crystalfaery this is going to affect not just 4D conscious beings... crystalfaery but Kaua'i is now going to shift lower realms also... crystalfaery 2014-05-19 08:15:03+00:00 crystalfaery obviously the 4D activation is related to my upcoming presentation crystalfaery on an alternative to life with the Mark(s) of the Beast.

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