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15th August 2014

"Our message du jour is one of hope.
For some of you this is to know that with patience your desires shall manifest.
For some of you this is to know that with perseverence you shall overcome (apparent) obstacles.
For some of you this is to know that you are loved, and deserve a fulfilling life.
The common thread is that there are many angels and fairies offering blessings, and that regardless how you are interpreting present manifestation, it is what it is as the most divinely perfect support for your true needs. Surrender to receive both what is, and the changes that arrive, that your path lead gracefully to joy." -- crystal faeries

'We continue to update the akashics codes for codon activation available via our 8D ascension portals.' -- tomril

Our nascent community in Kilauea continues to be blessed with faery magick, as we precipitate the manifestation of New-Gaia upon Kaua'i. -- celeste:crystalfaery

So many lessons in the span of one day. Multidimensional viewing from 8D perspective is so very rich in insights. For my own lessons i find a vertical split between chakras 4+ in 5D+ reality, versus 3- in 4D- attachment to incomplete perfection. Yes, i know, i know, stop working on perfecting or completing old time-lines! Watching myself would be educational enough, as i continue to release attachments to 4D- reality, but insisting on living and operating from and within 5D+ consciousness, is really pushing buttons in my relationships. Sure, i can do clairvoyant healings, bring me your list of problems to fix, it only takes a few seconds to switch into that mode. But as a friend in 5D+ i keep holding to:
"What would you like to cocreate with me in the now?" especially if it's about manifesting New-Gaia reality in Kilauea. I'm fairly busy being creative in my flow in 5D, and am always happy to be offered positive synergy with another, or a group, but without presence in the present, there's simply no 5D+ available. It's all too easy to slip back into rescuer or saviour mode, but I'm just not going to stay there when i notice.

Aside from the separation between the realities of 4D- and 5D+ growing wider every day, I'm witnessing a lot of triggering of the duality of dark vs light within the 4D- realms. i preceive this to be because the 5D+ New-Gaia is a realm of light, therefore, in considering the choice to ascend to 5D versus not, beings are forced to look at their alignment with the light, and their attachments with the dark.

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