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31st December 2013

"There is a sense of clearing, for you and many others, as the collective is making a time-line hop with the new year and new moon, a release of limitation, leaving behind old limiting beliefs. At this jump-point it is important to focus upon your intended destination, the time-line of your greatest preference, you highest joy vibrations. We remind you that it is perseverence in holding the vibration of, and beleif in that target reality, which will cause it to manifest, either in a huge quantum leap miracle, or, in a series of smaller time-line hops, as either, your own attachments or limiting beliefs only allow a series of smaller miracles, or, as your shifts have to fit into 'the good of all', i.e., trigger others in your life to face their changes, their own 'cognitive dissonance' around accepting miracles. And you, celeste, are already aware that, your path is overshadowed by your contract of mission, your purpose of facilitating others to ascend, which may bring you 'blessings' which are unimportant to your ego, as well as bringing you 'limitations' which are frustrating to your ego, so we must remind you that the energies of frustration, like the energies of anger, are destructive to your journey, just as is any attachment to your old time-line, such as the major lesson you've been clearing, to release your agenda of perfecting it before releasing it. It is not a failure on your part to walk away from, a mission or purpose such as that, which consumes much energy and yields little results, so allow the people of your old time-line to be as stuck as they choose to be. Just hop away onto your new time-line and get on with manifesting miracles with those who are open to faery magick. Release all attachment and expectation of what shall manifest, in what order, when, or how, as you yet persevere in your intent of your preferred 'reality'. It is also worthy of note that your willingness to release your old pattern, of seeking to see and know the entire big picture, to comprehend the whole plan, and moving into faith and trust that it actually is for good, even if you have not fully comprehended it in totality, is a big part of your recent progress in shifting time-lines. Welcome to the mystery of miracles, as you've released the science of control."

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