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24th June 2014

From the place of non-attachment, the process of grieving detachment, or releasing expectations, is very quick and easy, especially when balanced by, faith and trust in appropriate flow. i awake with an awareness of, those relationships i am releasing, as inappropriate to dwell in, old time-lines I've left behind now, new time-line of transcendent consciousness, blessedly guided from my 8D higher self. Without judgement, with compassion, i discern that playing in the 4D duality is much like splashing in a mud puddle, perhaps fun for a while, yet, ultimately leads to the necessity of a good shower. My present time faery play brings me other forms of joy in 5D, without so much needing to invest effort in clean-up, though often 4D people choose not to comprehend why i choose not to join them splashing in mud puddles. If they are not simply willing to honor my free will choice, but demand an explanation of my 'reason' for not joining them, then they are going to experience some very uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, as my only response, in honor of my vow of honesty, must be a 5D truth, not the usual 4D illusions. Their response to those 5D truths quickly and easily shows me, whether they are stuck in, attached to, contracted with, or dependent upon, living in 4D reality, or sincerly and commitedly seeking liberation to 5D. My higher self tomril and our crystal faeries 8D family insist i must now focus upon, and only engage with, those committed to making the 4D to 5D time-line jump, or already live in 5D. As described to me in a previous channelling, even the time of triage has passed. Those still "on the fence" or choosing 4D, are most likely to remain in it for life, and will find their path of ascension to involve a reincarnation.

'Thank you for your clear translation of my consciousness into English.' -- tomril

"The primary thing of 4D you need to further release, is perfection. We once again advise: 'cease perfecting your old time-line(s), just leave them behind'. In many cases this means walking away from those who persist dwelling in those time-lines. Yes, you have compassion, but do clear all sympathy and empathy, and keep good boundaries."

It is interesting navigating 4D worldly realities in flow with no expectations... some intents flow in the moment, others delayed, others seemingly blocked for the now... yet trusting divine timing and appropriateness in all, while intending the highest for all. OK, what am i missing?

"Release it all, and stay in playful joy."

Is any further investment of energies on my friend's situation disadvisable?

"Yes, cease perfecting old time-lines. You continue to notice it only drains your energies and lowers your vibration, while he is not uplifted by the sharing. You are correct in noticing that his problems will not be solved because he will not let them be solved. No amount of energy you invest in 'helping' is producing a positive shift for either of you. He is not uplifted, you are brought down, cease and desist! Yes, you must grieve releasing many who will not commit to living in 5D now, but you are out of time to dally with those who are committed to 4D reality. Yes you are to facilitate those of 4D who earnestly seek 5D reality. You are finding this a very lonely path, we know. Again, cease perfecting the old time-line, and realize you are not responsible to get anyone up to 4D now, only from 4D to 5D. This is essential to fulfill our contract on this planet." -- crystal faeries

Thank you for the clarity.

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