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28th July 2014

i have been blessed in the recent few days to facilitate a few married couples with the stressess occurring in their relationships while they are coping with their own ascension processes. What is perhaps most prevalent within a marriage, which is not quite as obvious in other relationships, is the level of responsiblity which partners may feel obliged to express with their partner. As the ascension process includes a transition out of all fear based choosing, to a life of loving flow, out of conditional approval to love, and given the unlikely event of full synchronization in growth between any two people, therefore including the married couple, and the shared reality within a committed relationship, it is all too easy to find within the relationship, during those times when one is up in the 5D realm, while the partner is struggling in some 4D issue:

These are going to trigger either fear of abandonment, or overwhelm / engulfment as one feels inadequate to 'keep up with' the partner, or frustration with the partner's issues. These reactions then are going to bring the whole relationship back down to 4D struggling in dichotomy. The antidote is to heave a great big exhale of release and forgiveness, release all responsiblity for anything but one's own authenticity, and arrive in authenticity be relaxing into one's own flow with no effort or trying to change anything, either self or partner, (or the world outside the relationship).

"Honest acceptance of where one is at in the moment is part of authenticity. Beyond self judgment, one can enter self love, unconditionally, in the now moment, and thereby gateway into 5D reality. To whatever extent the individual's 'happiness' depends upon the partner's being in one polarity of a dichotomy, that aspect of the relationship has to die, that the relationship may move up to 5D reality. As each individual is reborn into a new more authentic self, the marriage also must be reborn into a new quantum level of authentic love."

i am of clarity that i shall be joining community in Kilauea, Kaua'i, where the primary energies of building 5D New-Gaia are moving and activating, while Kapa'a's energies are anchored into 4D Ter-Ra. Quite symbolic of this change is the 'remodelling' of Kaua'i Village Shopping Center where they've torn down the art gallery and the surrounding natural environment of koi ponds and the aerating water fall that actually provided energetic habitat for Fairies, whereas now they've bulldozed all of that down, including a native tree, and paved it all over with asphalt in order to support their monetary greed. And so, as spirit has directed me, i move on to cocreate with those who 'get it' and are busy living in 5D creating New-Gaia. i stopped caretaking the primary Gaia grid ley-line of Kapa'a when i moved in January, after holding it in high Sirian vibrations for 14 years, and the masses do not 'get it'.

Those of 4D reality see the world around them, and blame it and others for the ills of that reality, and they seek their solutions or alternatives to that negative duality, by trying to change the outer to be their preferred polarity within duality, seeking to change others (warfare) and to elect their saviour (politics), i.e. they seek other [mankind] to solve their problems for them, completely missing the lesson to become self responsible adults and stop giving their power to others, and obeying external 'authorities'. 4D is such a boring old story. Those of us who realize it's all about being self responsible to change our inner energies, simply move on to compatible surroundings and radiate the reality we intend to dwell in. Yes, i put no further energies into perfecting my old time-line, and i burn all bridges back to that which is no longer appropriate to my new time-line.

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