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1st July 2014

"Grace is greatly blessing all on Ea-Rth now, though as you are witnessing, many will fail to take advantage of it, even though the 'keys to the kingdom' have been placed in their hands. Your readiness and willingness to help, as an ascension catalyst, must remain focused on those with whom your application of time and energy will actually be productive. You are merely one of the many awake beings who have been 'warning them' that time is running out for them. Rest easy that you have done your job, that it was good enough. As you started this session, you could clearly see it is their will. And that you must accept. Cease interpreting it as your failure. Cease perfecting the old time-lines. Now we see you forming an intent to 'just teaching one more lesson' as you resist abandoning these people. Girl, don't go there. Yes, teach those who are genuinely willing, but release all efforts to awaken the unmotivated. Just let go and walk away."

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