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1st July 2014

i awake from lucid dreaming, clearly "working on" a relationship, with an alleged "friend" who does not honor me. Once more it is quickly becoming clear, who walks the talk and who only talks the walk.

It also sadly remains quite clear, that most are unwilling to do their inner work, and still seek an external authority to give them the reality they "say" they choose, (because it sounds nice to them), but until they learn the lesson that, their life is only a mirroring of their inner reality, and that only they can themselves sustain change; as long as they seek a mother or father surrogate, to do it for them, they will stay stuck where they are.

All healing is self-healing. A "healer" can only quantum entangle and shift the "healee's" energy for the duration of the healing session, but the individual has to choose to, and then engage their will to, hold the new energy patterns, or they will fade.

Most people are operating in conflicted will, without clear prioritization of their multiple wills, resulting in mutual self sabotage between mutually incompatible realities. The most frequent one is "I want freedom and dependence." For anyone to take on caretaking you, they must have control of your reality, so these relationships are conflictory by design, and always produce negative outcomes.

To focus upon these clearly dualistic issues is a complete waste of time, and my higher self won't allow it, so, i say goodbye to yet another being, who is committed to 4D reality. Bye! Enjoy! i wish you graceful flow.

'Go beyond the anger at their willful negativity, access and release the grief of having to walk away, and rise to compassion, releasing all empathy.'

"Grace is greatly blessing all on Ea-Rth now, though as you are witnessing, many will fail to take advantage of it, even though the 'keys to the kingdom' have been placed in their hands. Your readiness and willingness to help, as an ascension catalyst, must remain focused on those with whom your application of time and energy will actually be productive. You are merely one of the many awake beings who have been 'warning them' that time is running out for them. Rest easy that you have done your job, that it was good enough. As you started this session, you could clearly see it is their will. And that you must accept. Cease interpreting it as your failure. Cease perfecting the old time-lines. Now we see you forming an intent to 'just teaching one more lesson' as you resist abandoning these people. Girl, don't go there. Yes, teach those who are genuinely willing, but release all efforts to awaken the unmotivated. Just let go and walk away."

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