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1st February 1970

8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portal(s) - What



8th Density is the primary realm where we Crystal Faeries gather, and is the level at which the 8D Angelic Crystal Faeries Ascension Portals are networked together.


17 Varieties of Angelic "races" / "species" / "roles" were involved in the 9D cocreation of these Ascension Energetics. Those chosen to participate in this cocreation are ones committed to the original "divine plan" of "the creator" / "supreme being" / "source" for Gaian ascension.

Crystal Faeries

Here we enter an area which is either completely unknown on the planet, or known well only to Crystal Faeries ourselves, or completely misperceived due to the recycling of words previously used to imply other meanings. An earlier manifestation of we crystal entities is the ishnaans.


All that is created is based upon holding light in patterns constructed of sound, also known as cymatics. The frequencies of light (color) and tone of sound (note), are related to "levels of consciousness". As we grow and evolve, we are raising or ascending our frequencies. Ascension is about moving one's consciousness and experiential existence higher in frequency, shorter in wavelength, higher in color and note.


Ascension Portal Templates

Our initial cocreation of these energetics was simply as "templates". These are, of course, "Open Source", and may be customized to suit an individual. In initial testing of these templates, they were shared directly with select individuals, for feedback and evaluation.

Ascension Portals

The manifestation of the full template for an "8D ascension portal" is a bidirectional portal intended for an individual entity. It both "brings down" the energetics and akashics of the ascension template, and the individual's 8D perfect ascended higher-self template to the individual so that they may align their light-body energy patterns with it, and it is itself an ascension portal the individual may arise through, to higher frequencies / dimensions.
For those who were not tracking the creation of these energetics, we began creating for them their own individual portals where perhaps they were not quite adept with these to immediately and directly create their own from a mere template.

Area Portals

The area portal serves only the downward flow portion of the individual portals... it is created to bless a "place". Since these portals carry both a specific frequency range for activation of those receiving the energetics, and the akashic records information (the templates), anyone visiting the "space" of such a portal is both uplifted energetically towards the frequency of the 8th Density, and is provided (if aware and willing) with a copy of the template through the portal, which they may then activate and manifest as their own individual ascension portal. This is the model of portal which celeste invoked into manifestation, specifically for the island of Kaua'i. Since then celeste has been creating other copies where requested. It is a particular mission of celeste to maintain the integrity and presence of this portal for Kaua'i.

celeste:crystalfaery; c/o: General Post Office; Keneke Street - 1; Kilauea; Kaua'i; United States Minor, Outlaying Islands; [96754-9998]; +1(808)822-5272
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