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1st February 1970

The "divine_plan" for our Milky Way Galaxy is the will of the creator of our galaxy, which is that all creations within the galaxy are to be constructed from the essence of source, which contains the essence of love, to be manifest via the cosmic Law of One.

[...] the Law of the Air [is] the rules of the Game of Life in the [Queendom] of Heaven.

You can freely choose this option because all your debts have been pre-paid, whoever you are, whatever religion you adopted and wherever you were born. And it doesn't matter what you believe, you can still live in the [Queendom] of Heaven so long as you agree to obey its three simple laws:

  1. Keep the peace.
  2. Allow everyone their freewill so long as it causes no harm.
  3. Love others as you would be loved.

[Queen of the Air]

In declaring yourself subject to these three Laws of Heaven you are committing yourself to obey them and setting yourself free from all other obligations. The Law of Heaven is universal, applicable globally, in all places, at all times. [...]

All debts of everyone on this planet have been paid in full. They have been pre-paid before the debt is even incurred. That is the fact. The reality. Your debts have already been "fore-given". All of them, in every realm of existence. [...] Your debts in all jurisdictions have literally been prepaid in water, blood, and spirit. [...]

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