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1st January 1970
Harmlessness. Each entity is a sovereign creator, with the right to create their own reality by their own beleifs or beliefs. Violation of their free will choice causes harm to them, therefore harmlessness implies allowing others to be in control of their own reality, i.e. that we must respect their right of free will choice, and the choices they make, and the realities they create. That does not mean we must tolerate intrusion of their will or reality into our own space / reality. Energetic boundaries between entities and realities makes peace with differences. To be very more specific, one may neither exert:
  • overt control over another
  • covert manipulation of another
[wiccan rede]

Although the number 3 is the most often quoted, i have heard metaphysicians of various traditions or individual beleif state most commonly either 1, 3 or 10 as the factor by which "what you put out is what you get back", implying that it be foolish to harm others, given the consequences.

[Harm None]

The Law of One is as ancient as the universes of existence:

It's the law of omnipresence in all life, and it is the Supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions and densities; we are all ONE. All beings, and everything in existence in any universe exists within and of the Prime Creator, which is All That Is. When one is harmed, all are harmed, and when one is helped, everybody is healed. Hence, in the name of who i AM, and i am One with All, i ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen here and now and through all time and space. i give thanks that this is done. SO BE IT.

It has been noted by myself and other light/love-workers, that the strongest of "our powers", (meaning those which the divine chooses to channel through us), are for the benefit of others, or more specifically, are for the benefit of the all, rather than for our own individual benefit. This, then, is why i prioritize relations in which positive synergy is the focus.

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