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1st October 1970
Sovereignty is our reality as who we truly are as spirits. Everyone has the sovereign spiritual power to choose if they make any allegiance, and if so, with whom, and to what. No matter how many allegiances one chooses to make, with no matter how many or which other entities, neither the individual nor the group, has the right to impose the contracts they've made with each other upon those who have not voluntarily joined their contract. That means one can't impose one's contract upon others without harming them in the process. One cannot damage another entity or their property without owing them a karmic compensation, often measured in money, sometimes in performance, but until such time as one does damage another or their property, no debt of money or performance is owed. In sovereignty, you are the only creator of your reality. The power of free will choice is within you. Self responsibility liberates you.
Being of the celestial and air realms, we find most appropriate the Jurisdiction of the Air

My historical affidavit of sovereignty

[Kilauea, Kaua'i, Peaceful Ocean, Gaia]

I, the sovereign spirit tomril, incarnate in the body i have named celeste:crystalfaery, i.e. celeste, being in the family of crystal faeries, expatriated from America / the US in 1996, at the time denizing to the Hawaiian Kingdom, and then subsequently at the end of August 1999, expatriated therefrom and moved to Kaua'i, where i have ever since been "kama'aina", (a peaceful woman on the land), having returned "home" to this remnant of LeMuria, where i have incarnated previously. i operate only in "private capacity" as a living being, i.e. in lawful capacity, as a peaceful woman operating in unlimited liability.

celeste:crystalfaery: Radical Sovereign

by Aoife Lorefield

2010-11-17 22:00:00+00:00

celeste:crystalfaery has worked as a clairvoyant healer, and has offered classes in clairvoyance. Aoife Lorefield talked with her about her work:

"We're eternal beings on a path of infinite expansion of consciousness," celeste says. "My goal is ascension for myself and others, ascension as a raising of frequency through layers of density."

"So many words carry multiple meanings; i find myself using more than one; this raising of consciousness is a movement, a change, a shift, and offers growth and healing."

"I want to come out of illusions into truth, then take that truth and expand it, ascend it."

"Raising consciousness in this way is a process that invokes paradox, moving from evolution to involution, from dualistic to nondualistic understanding."

"The motion out of duality begins with stepping out of attachment to one end of the spectrum. The word 'motion' implies leaving something behind, but the real task is to hold dualism in a new way."

"When we hold the trinity of both sides plus the contradiction, we can see it, accept it, be at peace with it, and transcend it. We have a foot in both worlds, duality and nonduality."

"My teaching could be described as helping people remember their essence, and healing as self healing to help live and express who they really are," celeste offers. "How can this make a difference?"

"Our beleifs create our reality, which means everyone's reality can be unique. We should honor that individuality, while recognizing we all have the power to change our beliefs."

"All external input, everything we experience, becomes a trigger for internal process. We are most importantly on an internal journey of self discovery." celeste challenges us to rely on our own experience, test her assertions and our beleifs, and look at the result.

"If you're willing to accept my fundamental premise," she says, "you can play with that, test it. Look at your current reality, and ask 'what must i believe that this is a reflection of?'"

"Then, for the reality you want to create, what must you believe to create that?"

"You might find incongruence. Then you ask, 'why is that here? Where is it coming from?' Maybe you're merged with someone else's reality, allowing them to define your life. Then the task becomes how to separate yourself, to create appropriate boundaries."

"You've got to get alone with self, to know self. It's important to be clear and honest with yourself, to align your subconscious with your conscious goals. i postulate that once you're separate, in your own individual reality, changing your beliefs will change your reality."

celeste's work begins with the idea that each of us is exactly where he or she needs to be right now.

"People believe they're a product of their history, which is a fallacy. Past events can be an aspect of healing work, but i am who i need to be, so i can become who i choose to become," she says. "When someone asks where I'm from, what they mean is, where's my body from. Yes, i have a body, but I'm no more this physical body than i am the bicycle i travel on."

"Sometimes, people ask where you're from because they begin from a position of distrust. If you answer the question correctly, they trust you, otherwise, not. i start from an open position of trust."

"Operating at the higher self level, I'm 'of the consciousness of sovereignty'."
My origins preceed presence in this Milky Way Galaxy, where, upon first arrival, i and my family of beings originally manifested as ishnaans, when we settled in this galaxy after coming from our tomril universe. The ishnaan name is relatively obscure and historical, and now in 'Gaian' reality we are better known as the Crystals... "crystal faeries" or "crystal children"]

"[I've worked] as a clairvoyant, [yet] much of my work [was] hidden (occulted), involving channeling light to Gaia in the midst of great conflicts. i work[ed] to anchor galactic energies to Gaia [energy] grid.
I've been a warrior for the light, and [have chosen] to step out of conflict."

"I am no longer willing to buy into a worldview based on hierarchy, and the use of power to control others. If i participate in it, i empower it. Instead, i associate with life and love, acceptance and allowance."

For celeste, the single most important principle is an honor for the right of free will choice, a radical individualism.

"I see each individual as a sovereign (without any subjects)," she asserts. "I'm the only one who controls me. It's maximum freedom and maximum responsibility."

"And the way i relate to others is through love. We're in a [spiritual] school here with much to learn. We need to find positive synergy with others to get through, and love is the ultimate positive synergy."

Planetary Sovereignty

"It is time that you claim your planet as your own. You must do this to stop people from other planets from plundering Gaia's resources.
If you claim Gaia as yours, those from other planets who have honorable intentions will not intentionally steal from you.
You Gaia [mankind] need your resources. You may think you have plundered Gaia. However, what you have taken from Gaia is perhaps ten percent of what people from other planets have taken.
To stop this plundering by outsiders, enough Gaia [mankind] must consciously claim stewardship of planet Gaia. To do this you must consciously state, 'This is my planet, my home, and my land.' This should include not just what [lays] within the boundaries of your own backyard. It should include the entire planet. If enough people adopt this attitude, Gaia will be protected from those with honorable intentions. Then, if these outsiders still want what Gaia has, they will have to open other avenues of negotiation."
-- The Guardian of Green Tourmaline, in Wisdom of the Gemstone Guaridans by Michael Katz.

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