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1st October 1970

Spiritual Synergy is the empowerment of a cocreation by the support of "god" / "goddess" / all-that-is (zero-point energy from the quantum field / aether) which comes about from the alignment / resonance of will / intent, firstly between the participants in the co-creation, and secondly between the group and "cosmic" energies and timing, (i.e. the divine plan).

i believe that positive synergy is the only "reason" to bother to come together, whether one on one, or in a large group... if the synergy is not greater than one, then it's not worth doing.

One of the first things to recognize about synergy in duality is the level of its dependence upon synchronicity. As we watch the Zodiac of a dozen star-signs rotate through our 24 hour "day", we can quickly realize that everything shifts signs and / or houses every two hours.

Next we can realize that 4D- synergy may also be as tied to our location within "space" as it is within "time". If the "where" of environmental energy patterns harmonizes with our energy and intent, then our synergistic cocreation is empowered by the energy grids themselves.

The primary issue, however, when dealing with [mankind], is to get them to actually agree in will and intent upon exactly what is to be cocreated. Even if a group of [mankind] can all agree upon a set of words allegedly describing the reality they intend to cocreate, those words may conjure different mental-image-pictures within their "visualizers", so that the "image" of what is to be cocreated may not be fully agreed upon, unless that image is either externalized as a picture each can see, or as a shared picture which is shared energetically / aetherically via the ajna centers of each. It is further a challenge that most [mankind] of duality consciousness carry multiple aspects (ego pieces) with conflicting will.

Once the time and place within 4D- are intelligently chosen, and the cocreators agree on the actual image / "reality" to be cocreated by them, then there is a good probability of cocreating with the empowerment of a synergy of greater than one, as long as the intended manifestation is in harmony with cosmic law and energy patterns. Then, the primary issue is simply that of invoking the energies of cocreation, and we can make use of specific tools of creation to affect energy patterns.

A creation done within a realm of duality, always creates both the intended outcome, and its dichotomous opposite. The mind operates within duality. The heart operates in no-time no-space, thus is the place within embodiment, where one may create a specific outcome without its opposite.

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