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1st May 1970


'I stand as a spiritual sovereign, in unlimited accountability and liability, to the cosmic law of ahimsa, for all of my tomril family, the crystal faeries.'

When i, tomril, and my original group of entities from the tomril universe came to the Milky Way Galaxy, our initial manifestation was the ishnaa realm. Once upon a time i was the mentor of that tomril universe. i am not part of any of the hierarchies of the Milky Way Galaxy, i.e. i am "in" but not "of" the angelic realms, though i have long worked with them.

In the tomril universe there came a time of destruction, cocreated by the free-will choices of many of the entities, resulting in destruction of some of the entities, and some of the manifestation. Out of the pieces of that destruction there came a split... those entities who chose to remain there, and those entities who came with me to the Milky Way Galaxy, where we formed the ishnaan world. Here i worked to transition the entities who came with me to know and understand how to fully release me as their leader, and align with the supreme being of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This process was completed during the psychic training times of my embodiment as celeste:crystalfaery, whereupon i returned to the old tomril universe to pull more information across to the akashic records of this universe... so that my family could more effectively integrate here. As always, i open sourced the info, not only giving specific help to my family, but integrating into the general akashics here.

When i completed my past-lives, i attracted in bodies many of the now [mankind] incarnated entities who had been my family, for karmic completions, specificly to complete their transition of integration in this universe. Once that was completed we were fully able to function here with this realm's supreme being, and i have considered myself an absolutely independent sovereign ever since, without subjects. Most of this story was not originally conscious for my embodiment as celeste, but emerged in cocreations of healing with the psychics with whom celeste trained... this is the story they saw and told. i have done my best to use it to empower and liberate all beings. i have accepted the divine plan of the supreme being of this universe and have continued to support it and work for its manifestation as i am able... of which my most important work is the 8D Ascension Portals. i have been absolutely certain that i am working for the total enlightenment of all, and their liberation from all restraint, within harmlessness (ahimsa) and free will. i beleive this to be restoration of the pre-fall divine plan. Kaua'i is the divine domicil of the goddess and the fae. All who respect the absolute sovereignty (yet harmlessness) of each individual are compatible.

[crystal mountain]


"[there were] two races, one hominid; their colouring was, in the main, blond with lavender eyes... the fair, blue or lavender-eyed people... the Crystal People, the name that has been given to a very beautiful and highly advanced race of hominids, who are believed to have occupied a planet in the Siriun [star-]system that is known to some psychics as Ishna[a] or a similar sounding word. The name alludes to the terrain of their planet, which is said to be composed of a crystalline structure of great beauty, rather than to the people themselves. These 'Crystal People', or 'ishnaans' if you prefer, are seen as slight of build, with long, fair hair, slanted blue, green or yellow eyes, and golden complexions. Males and females there are, but each sex has the anima and animus so perfectly balanced that their similarity in physical appearance might well make it difficult for [...] Gaians to tell them apart. Their planetary neighbours, who later came to share the planet with them, are of a different species, their appearance being emphasized in the Leonine statuary and art of ancient Egypt."
-- Murry Hope

We crystal faeries are very fond of our feline kin. As part of the protection we now make for the isle of Kaua'i, we presume divine law overrides any previous statutes or ordinances made by corpseorate [mankind]. It should be self-evident, to all conscious beings, that each conscious being has the right of free-will choice over their own life, regardless their species and regardless any presumption by the fictions called corpse-orations, that "silence constitutes assent", and that just because cats, dolphins, turtles, etc, cannot speak English in [mankind] courts, and do not read and rebut public notices in [mankind] newspapers, that they have by their silence consented to be controlled by any [mankind] or group of [mankind] arrogantly abusing other species. All natural species within Kaua'i sovereign space, are species protected by the crystal faeries.

The phonetically closest name we have ever seen to Ishnaa or Ishnaan, (via the Fellowship of Isis), is:
"ASHNAN Grain Goddess. The Strength of All Things, she is a grain Goddess who helps provide food and clothes for the deities. She has responsibility for the cultivated fields with their varied grains and vegetables."

Also according to the Fellowship of Isis, we have a very similar description of Isis herself:
"ISIS, She also made known the methods of curing disease by medicine and magic."
ISIS spread the art of grinding corn and she herself is recorded as saying: "I was the first to reveal to mortals the mysteries of wheat and corn." She is said to have discovered wheat and barley growing wild: at her festivals stalks of these grains were carried in procession (Frazer). "Amongst the epithets by which Isis is designated in the inscriptions are 'Creatress of Green things', 'Green Goddess, whose green colour is like unto the greenness of the earth’, ‘Lady of Bread’, 'Lady of Beer’, ‘Lady of Abundance’. According to Brugsch she is 'not only the creatress of the fresh verdure of vegetation which covers the earth, but is actually the green corn-field itself, which is personified as a goddess.' This is confirmed by her epithet Sochit or Sochet, meaning 'a cornfield’. The Greeks conceived of Isis as a corn-goddess, for they identified her with Demeter. In a Greek epigram she is described as ‘she who has given birth to the fruits of the earth’ and ‘the mother of the ears of corn’, and in a hymn composed in her honour she speaks of herself as ‘queen of the wheat field’ and is described as ‘charged with the care of the fruitful furrow's wheat-rich path.' Accordingly, Greek or Roman artists often represented her with ears of corn on her head or in her hand." Augustine said that Isis made the discovery of barley: that is they identify Isis with Ceres.

Many historians associate the modern name "Jesus" as the masculinization of the name "Isis".
"Christ" is a translation from one culture/language to another of the earlier name "Krs-na", the Hindu god.
Archtypes exist in the collective consciousness of [mankind] and related species (faeries, extraterrestrials) and appear in our consciousness regardless what language or culture we translate them into.

And so that brings us to Ruth 2:2:
"And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, (her mother in law), Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight i shall find grace. And [Naomi] said unto [Ruth], Go, my daughter."

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