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1st January 1970
[Rainbow between two clouds]

This has become a classic explanation of "aloha", treating the word as an acronym used to describe its qualities. i use this as a trigger to address the concepts in the light of a perspective of spiritual sovereignty.

Kindness with tenderness.
One can choose to be kind to the ego of another, and thereby in the moment easily make them comfortable, while actually being of disservice to their spiritual growth. Another interpretation of kindness is that to contribute to the enlightenment and empowerment of another as a spiritual being, may involve lovingly gifting them with the truth of your own spiritual insight, and that truth may be uncomfortable for their ego.
Who are they?
Their eternal soul or their temporal ego?
Which is it best to serve?
Obviously, their eternal spirit.
Unity with harmony.
While spiritual essence of ensouled beings may be fundamentally harmonious, it is inappropriate to pretend unity with that which is not of higher truth.
Agreeable with pleasantness.
Each individuals' reality is "real" for them, and is created by their own beleifs, so we may agree with them that their creation is every bit as real for them as ours is for us, but that does not mean that we live in the same reality. Persistent pleasantness may require appropriate energetic boundaries between realities to avoid conflict.
Humility with modesty.
I've always liked Lazaris' definition of humility as "being willing to see others as new in each moment", in order to not limit their growth / healing / evolution by our past perceptions or interpretations of who we thought we perceived them to be, or, for that matter, our future expectations either. Modesty can be an antidote to the self aggrandizing of one's own ego.
Patience with perseverance.
A quantum level above patience is acceptance.
Perseverance is never a challenge when one is merely being true to one's own principles.

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