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1st August 1970
[Pepper+Carrot Cat]
A percept or perception is (the result of) a process of assigning meaning or value to that of which one is conscious. We may see something without judging it, pure consciousness, but we have a tendency to interpret what we see, typically based upon our chosen preceptions.
See Also: Discernment
See Also: Judgment
To the extent that we may spend some time in time, i.e. in duality, in the lower densities of duality, we may choose to prefer within duality, to "side with" the noble or good qualities, particularly those which are more reflective of, the higher realms of non-duality, the divine qualities, and we may choose them as goals or standards to live by, and we may choose to agree on some such with others, thereby making them one of our religious beleifs or beliefs.

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