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1st July 1970

Each of us has a private reality, the summation of our choices. Some choices are frozen in time, or are consistently and repeatedly chosen from free will, and are known as pictures or beleifs. Groups of those frozen choices may be linked together, and are known as programming. Each spirit, each soul, each mind, each astral body, and the DNA, RNA, and mycoplasma of each physical body's cells holds some portion of these. This could be referred to as our essence, or our reality, our private reality. Depending upon which choices we have "made real" by choosing to beleive in them, we may live in a very fixed / solid reality, or with far less attachment, we may create a very mutable "reality".

From that place, we connect with others, either individually, as e.g. a friendship between us, or in larger groups, which taken to the extreme is known as collective reality. All is interrelated, all interacts, we have impact on each other, and that impact is either loving or hurtful... the synergy of connecting reinforces and amplifies where there is agreement of will / choice, and mutually destroys each individual reality where they disagree. A fundamental principle is that when you find that another reality impacts negatively on your own, that the appropriate response of ahimsa, (harmlessness) is to create boundaries of separation, so that we may each retain our private reality unimpeded by impact from conflicting realities, that our will prevail in our private space, a private space made sufficiently small and disconnected from other realities that it can exist without conflict. We know that there will be hurt whenever a disagreement is not resolved by making boundaries. A relationship is hurtful when it includes agendae in conflict with the other's will. Conflicting beliefs and choices prevent sharing a reality because the private realities are mutually destructive of each other. It is far more loving to walk away, than to dishonor the other's reality, choices, beliefs, rather than insisting the other change so that we may share a reality. This implies that we do not presume to be the authority on the "reality" of anyone else.

Ascension is Transcension, is rising above all attachments, all polarities in any dichotomy, all must be released. Any pairing of individuals results in the generation of dichotomy. We are near the window of opportunity, the point of empowerment, we are accellerating into zeropoint at the center of the spiral. We have e-voluted into individuality, then upon completion of that spiral began the inward spiral back to zero point, oneness with the void. The 1/3 - 2/3 splits within us of trinity engaged with dichotomy 1/2 - 1/2 produces the desire to mate with the opposite polarity to achieve the balance lost in the evolution into individuality. All pairings, any engagement with dichotomy, out of neutrality, pulls us out of the wholeness of balance we all seek, doing our best to substitute for the wholeness we came from, as we descended through densities into worldly manifestation. In returing without being lost, to be saved, we must have neutrality / balance, meaning releasing of all polarity / dichotomy attachments / focus in the world / in the energy realms. Synergy of cooperation serves us very well. The more "power" we develop in dualistic dichotomy, the more it can control us. To become free from dualistic dichotomy, we only need detached neutrality.

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