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1st January 1970

i found this comment about DNA from Simon Parkes: "Every craft, every facility, has a sentient computer. Call it AI [Artificial Intelligence] – but it's much more than that. So the creature connects with the computer and the computer then directly connects with the different elements of the facility. For instance, if you were in a spacecraft and you want to do a very sharp turn, you don't actually press a button or a long sequence of buttons – you just think.
And that is picked up by the interface computer and the craft then turns. It works by DNA because only DNA can travel faster than the speed of light. It's quite complicated; and that's why when Roswell's spaceship crashed in 1947, the pilot of the craft, their head... well fibre-optic wires were actually connected into the brain because you have to make neural connections because you've got to think at that speed.
You can't pilot a craft, anything like at the speed of light, and think 'Oh I'll just press this button now' – because you're dead, you'll probably hit an asteroid. So, you have to be able to link straight into the neural net so that you can plan and think. It's quite interesting, it's quite exciting."
[The merge of man and machine is the loss of one's eternal soul. -- celeste]

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