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6th March 2016
[Lisa Thiel Fairy]

A friend recently observed of me that my energies were very much that of a mermaid (an ocean faery), and yes, watery energies are very dear to me. Upon a visit to the beach to swim with another friend a number of moons ago, she queried if i was concerned about swimming in the ocean, and my reply was that as soon as i got out away from the shore far enough that the water depth was over my head, then i felt safe... because i could always roll over on my back and float, in the calm ocean waters out beyond the turbulent waves near to shore, but closer to shore the waves could toss you onto either (hidden) lava rocks or coral that could lacerate one's body. Her concern was precisely that of drowning in water over her head, and symbolicly water is correlated with emotions, so being able to fully feel ones emotions, is also correlated with being fully in one's authentic emotions, rather than being out of control with synthetic emotions, which are dangerous because they control ones actions in directions away from ones appropriateness, ones truth. While we can delve deeper into this dichotomy between synthetic versus authentic emotions, we also require consciousness of the various kinds of emotions, i.e. which chakra center is the source of which emotions, and are we wise enough and conscious enough to be guided by our higher chakra centers, or are we either so immature or so attached to lower consciousness motivations in life that we are at the whim of our baser desires?

Strongly influencing our emotional body is our dear sister moon, Luna... our closest astronomical and astrological body beyond our hostess planet under our feet, Gaia-Sophia. The goddess who is fully alive and thriving is never far from consciousness of her monthly cycle, whereas in modern times many have lost their purity and their connection with nature, and are attempting to feel alive while living by a calendar which is wholly disconnected from their own body, i.e. the Gregorian Solar Calendar by which the western world dies. It has been imposed upon [mankind] precisely because it does disconnect us from higher consciousness and from the rhythms of living and thriving. i could comment further that that calendar of non-life is just fine for death, e.g. computers all execute cycles based on this solar calendar, which is fine, because they have no life and no souls... or is it? No.

[A Certain Slant of Light]

And now we enter a realm where many will not wish to follow, for we now face uncomfortable truths about the nature of our world, versus the unnatural artificial intelligence and synthetic emulation of life which has invaded and taken control over it. Ever being one to not buy into victimhood, i address this now precisely because it is time to "surf the waves of energy" and have life transcend these negative influences, to fully harmonize with the authentic emotions hich connect us with authentic life, and live by them in harmony with life itself, and cast off the influences of, and submission to, anti-life anti-consciousness energies, i.e. turn off your smartphone, surround yourself with the waters of life, and gaze at the moon, and truly feel deeply within your heart to where your soul dwells, (unless, of course, you're one of the 50 percent of [mankind] who do not have individuated souls, in which case you need to go deeper into your body into your lower chakras and feel your connection with the animalistic lower nature of the primal group consciousness of the collective of animalistic [mankind]). I'll let you reread that last sentence several times. If you are of that half of [mankind], you are unlikely to be reading this blog, so if you are reading this blog,s you probably need to be aware that half the people in your life do not share your ensouled consciousness, and you need to let them be what they are... the original evolution of life on this planet before the intervention of, and seeding of, advanced consciousness star-seeds into [mankind]-form bodies.
Yes, i am star-seed. Thus my name, "celeste", (of the celestial realms).


Back to the subject of "synthetic emotions". When we hold either belief systems, or their aggregates, mental programming, then our compliance with those mental-body patterns produces calm relaxation, while contrast, conflict, disharmony, and stress between the mental and emotional body will result when we do not force the "lower" bodies to comply with the mental patterns. This is the nature of govern-ment (control of/by/via mind (mind control)) of the populace to accept as reality those choices made for them which are in fact in oppostion to their best interests. The alternative to becoming a diseased mind-controlled slave, is to force oneself to face one's cognitive dissonance and discard any and all mental-level programming which is in discord with nature, life, and authentic emotions.

Now, just for the sake of maximum triggering here, let me clearly state that i am, in fact, advocating that we all become "sinners". Sin, Min, Moon, Luna, Lunar, are all names of our nearest body in space. To be a "sinner" is to honor the actual cycles of that body, rather than the fictious "months" of the Gregorian Solar Calendar of death and disease. If you wish to live in a happy world, you must unconditionally liberate all females to live by the actual lunar cycle of months (moons), rather than forcing them to "work in the business world" on the 7-day work week which is out of phase with the moon. A "sinner" is one who is alive and healthy by being in harmony with the moon, with nature, with life itself. Tired of that cranky bitchy PMS-y woman in your life? (e.g. the one in the mirror?) Encourage her to live as a sinner. Send her to the moon lodge with her sisters, to all bleed together and honor their natural rhythms, rather than being mind controlled slaves to the Gregorian calendar of death.

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